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Spring 2

Week beginning 16th March

This week we have been learning to find missing numbers in a sequence. We had to look for different clues such as identifying the steps we were counting in, the number that is smaller and the number that is bigger. Here are a couple of examples: 14, 15, 16, 17, ..., 19, 20. 4, 6, ..., 10, 12, 14. Perhaps you could try some of these at home? We have also been practising our number formation. Can you write the numerals 0 - 9?


On Friday we learnt about the solar eclipse and we went outside to explore how dark and cold it became at our school when the moon eclipsed the sun. We used viewfinders to watch how the shape of the sun changed as the moon moved in front of it. We also learnt that to stay safe we must never look at the sun. 

Week beginning 9th March
This week we have been getting ready for our Mother's Day assembly. We have been learning some songs and a poem about our Mummy and have been making Mother's Day cards. We have also been thinking about why our Mummy's are special and painting pictures of our Mummy's.
Week beginning 2nd March
Week beginning 23rd February
This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. Each year a different animal is celebrated and 2015 is the year of the goat. We tasted spring rolls, noodles and prawn crackers, made Chinese money wallets and even did a dragon dance outside. We have had lots of fun!

We have also been learning more about addition. When adding two numbers together we practised putting the bigger number in our heads and counting on. Why don't you have a go at home?