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Spring 1

Week beginning 10th February

This week we have had lots of fun preparing for our Valentines Café. We have made chocolate crispy cakes and some children chose to make valentines cards and pictures for our families. We have learnt some new songs that we hoped you enjoyed listening to at our Café. We certainly enjoyed singing them for you.

We have continued to enjoy entertaining our friends in our theatre and this week we made and tasted popcorn. It was delicious! Lots of children have enjoyed junk modelling this week and they have made some wonderful creations such as a garage, a unicorn and a monster. In the hall we practised moving at different speeds and stopping and we learnt how to catch using feathers.

Week beginning 3rd February

What a fun week we have had this week. Our role play has changed to a theatre and we have had lots of fun dressing up and performing songs and rhymes to our friends. We have taken on the roles of being the audience and selling tickets and showing the audience to their seats and we have made our own microphones. We have made puppets at our creative table and have made patterns and marks in mousse and blancmange. In our water tray we have played with different size containers, finding which held the most and the least. Outdoors we have used natural materials such as sticks, stones and leaves to paint pictures and we have practised our balancing skills on stilts. As part of our class learning we have played games to practise our listening skills and we have learnt to recognise numbers and match them to a quantity.

Week beginning 27th January

This week in Nursery we have explored the outdoors with some special visitors. Our school sheep came to play with us in our outdoor area. We have enjoyed stroking them, talking to them, walking with them, feeding them and tidying up after them. We have  also practised our balance, strength and coordination skills by riding our bikes and scooters. In our water play we have built our own boats and tested to see if they floated or sank. We have enjoyed rolling vehicles down a ramp, changing the height of the ramp and seeing which car went the fastest and finding out how we could make them go faster. In our recycling centre we have dipped tubs and boxes in paint trays and printed the shapes to make vehicles. In our class learning this week we have learnt about opposites such as heavy/light, day/night and loud/quiet. We have also practised using positional language such as in front of, behind, in, on, beside and under.  At home you could help your adults to tidy up and use your positional language to describe where you have put things.

Week beginning 20th January

What a fun and exciting week we have had. We have been learning about Chinese New Year this week. At the beginning of the week we listened to the story of The Great Race and we learnt that this year is the year of the Rat. We have learnt a song about Chinese New Year and we have made blossom pictures and lanterns. In our malleable play we have explored using chop sticks with noodles. We have tasted spring rolls, prawn toast, noodles and prawn crackers. Some children made musical instruments and others helped to make a dragon. We had lots of fun playing our instruments and performing a dragon dance. At home you could perform a dragon dance for your special people or teach them our song about Chinese New Year.

Week beginning 13th January

This week we have continued our learning on transport. We have been making vehicles out of play dough and used construction to make wheels and axels so our vehicles can move. We have used sorting mats to explore where planes, boats, trains trucks and other vehicles travel and we have played with diggers and construction vehicles in the sand tray. Outdoors we have used natural materials to create our own drive-through and we have been exploring mark making with large chalks and paint brushes. In our mathematical learning we have been learning about more and less and we have been listening carefully to identify sounds in our environment. At home you could listen carefully to see what sounds you can hear. Have a lovely weekend.

Week beginning 6th January

Happy New Year! It was lovely to see everyone back at school this week with lovely Christmas tales. the children have settled back into their routines and have had a very busy week. They have explored our new Airport Role Play, booking holidays and setting off on plane journeys. Many children have explored making rockets and many other things at our recycling centre. Our new message centre has also created lots of interest and children have been very keen to write and hide secret messages. Watch out for messages coming home hidden in some unusual places. We have been practising our fine motor control by creating pictures on puzzle art boards. We are enjoying our airport, buying tickets and going on journeys, so we would like to learn about other types of transport. At home maybe you could go on a bus or train journey. You could decide where you would like to go and buy a ticket with an adult. We would love to see  the tickets you bought and photographs of where you have been and we can display them in Nursery.