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Spring 1

Week Beginning 4.2.19

This week we have loved reading the story 'On the Moon.' This book told us lots of information about the moon and we learned all about how the moon is rocky, dusty and silent! We love reading books like this because it means that we get to learn lots of new words. We then had lots of space themed learning jobs to do such as having an alien tea party in the playdough using knives and forks! We also made rocket jet packs and even counted the stars in the sand tray. One of our favourite things to do this week was making our pizza planets! We hope you enjoyed cooking and eating the gorgeous pizzas at home.


In Maths, we have been learning all about the number 8. Below I have attached the number 8 rhyme that we have been learning to help us write it! We are doing so well at recognising our numbers and counting out different amounts of objects and we are very proud! We have also been practicing using part, part, whole for our number 8 and learned all about the different number sentences that we can create. Can you create a number sentence at home?


This week has also been Chinese New Year.  With this in mind, we have enjoyed reading the story of Chinese New Year as well as making dragon masks and Chinese lanterns and rattle drums. If you would like to read the story of Chinese New Year at home, I have attached it below so that you can read the story together.


Finally, on Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day! We read a story called 'Clickin Lickin' which taught the children all about how to stay safe  on the internet. It is very important to manage what your child does online therefore I have attached a link to the Safer Internet website with top tips for children age 3-7. 


Have a happy weekend!


Week Beginning 28.01.19

Wow!  What an amazing week of fun, science and snow! This week has been our Science week and it got off to a great start with all of our gorgeous parents/carers joining us to make our time capsules! The children enjoyed making handprints, footprints, family pictures and self portraits. We also enjoyed weighing ourselves and measuring our height. It will be lovely to see how much they have changed when you next look at them!


As part of our science week, we enjoyed visiting each of the different classrooms  with all the other children in school to take part in a range of science investigations! These ranged from making pirate popcorn and testing pirate boats made of different materials, to designing a t-shirt to help us be seen in the dark, creating rovers to travel on the moon and even making exploding planets! 


Our science fun was added to with some more wonderful snow. The snow may cause a few problems, but it's lots of fun to play in! This week we enjoyed painting the snow lots of different colours, as well as making an Eagley snowman. 


Our number of the week has been number 7. The rhyme to help us write this number is attached below and as always, please keep practicing to recognise numbers, count out objects and create different number sentences with your child.


Finally, this week we have had our very first dough disco! We will be doing this lots more in nursery to help us all build up the muscles in our hands and have funky fingers! Funky finger activities help us to become super at writing as the muscles in our hands get stronger and stronger. If you have playdough at home, you could have your own dough disco to help build up your hand muscles! There's a video below to help you.


Have a happy weekend!



Dough Disco!

Number formation

Week Beginning 21.01.19

This week has been a really busy week and the snow made it an even busier one! We started the week by reading the story 'How to Catch a Star.' The children loved this story so much that we decided to explore different books by the same author! We then read 'The Way Back Home' and 'Lost and Found.' We enjoyed looking through the books at all of the  similarities. We discovered that all books have the same boy wearing a stripy t-shirt inside!


In Maths we have been learning all about the number 6. It would be great if you could practice writing the number 6 at home and counting out 6 objects. We used part part whole to discover different ways to make number 6, the children are getting very good at this! I have put a link below with another one of our number songs on, as well as a PDF document with each of the number rhymes on from 0-6. Please encourage your children to practice writing and recognising their numbers. 


The most fun part of the week was most definitely on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning! This is when we had lots of snow, so we decided to take the children outside to go sledging. This was a lot of fun and the adults enjoyed themselves just as much as the children (maybe even more!). We loved having a snowball fight, trying to make a snowman and sliding down the hill! When we came back inside, it was a little bit chilly, so on Wednesday afternoon, we made our own hot chocolates. We loved adding one teaspoon of chocolate powder to our milk, before counting out our marshmallows to go on top! Our drinks were absolutely delicious!


Please remember, our Science week is next week and parents/carers are invited to join us on Monday morning to make a time capsule! It will be lots of fun but we ask that you bring in a shoe box to make your time capsule out of.


Have a happy weekend full of fun!

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

Week Beginning 14.01.19

This week we have loved reading the story 'Here Come the Aliens.' After we listened to the story, we have designed our own aliens. We enjoyed drawing them and colouring them in, holding our pencil near the tip so that we had super control!


In Maths we have been learning all about number 5. We learned all about how to form the number using our number rhymes. We also counted out 5 objects and discussed how it fills a fives frame and is half of the tens frame! We loved using the part part whole model to find different number sentences to make number 5. Can you practice counting 5 objects at home? You could practice making different number sentences about number 5!


This week we have loved dropping different paints onto our paper and blowing them around using a straw. It was so interesting to watch the different colours mix together and talk about what new colours we have created! We then put eyes onto our blobs and turned them into an alien, it was lots of fun.


Finally, this week we have been practicing writing different letters in our names. We are all trying so hard and are getting better and better every time! Can you practice writing your name at home?


As always, have a happy and fun filled weekend! 

Week Beginning 7.1.18

At bedtime, the moon and the stars come out. They shine down from the night sky. Have we
ever imagined what it might be like to go on a journey to the moon and the stars? What
might we find there? Who might be living there? And what is the moon really made of?
The nursery children are about to find out! This half term, our IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) topic will be Blast Off!


At the start of the week, a rocket landed in the sand pit! The nursery children were all very excited and we went outside to explore it. We discovered lots of pieces around the rocket and the children used their imaginations and decided that the rocket had fallen from space because the fire pumper had broken. The children think that the rocket crashed in our sandpit and a moonbeam family have come to live with us whilst their rocket is being fixed!


Throughout the week we have enjoyed lots of space themed activites and the children's imaginations have come to life! The children have loved the new space role play area and all of the space small world activities. They have acted out narratives and have loved learning about the aliens and astronauts with their friends. 


This week we have loved making aliens in the playdough, using all of the different pieces to help us. We have loved playing listening games with the moonbeam family and it has been lovely to see the children really listening carefully to instructions so that they are able to follow them.


One of our activities this week was all about self confidence. Each child has designed their own star and spoke to a grown up about why they are a star! They have talked about the things that they believe they are good at doing and their stars are going to be displayed in our role play area very soon!


Finally, we have continued lots of work about number and our number of the week has been number 4. We have also recapped numbers 0-3 from before Christmas. We have lovedd learning to form our numbers and write them down, the children love learning the number rhymes. The number rhyme for number 4 can be found in the PDF document below. Recognising numbers is so important but can also be really tricky! You could practice recognising numbers at home using flashcards and by playing lots of games. There is also a YouTube video to one of our favourite number songs below!


Sorry for the delay in uploading our website page, this has been due to an internet fault. We hope you had a lovely weekend!



Numbers Song