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Spring 1

Week beginning 28th January 2019


We have had a very exciting week in English. 

Every day we have found some different kinds of treasure in our classrooms!

At the beginning of the week we found an eye patch, a pirate hat, a pirate sword and some gold coins!  

Later in the week we found a mirror, necklaces, rings and heart bracelets.

We decided a mermaid might have visited Eagley Infants as well as pirates!

In our writing we were able to practise spelling the days of the week.


This weeks spellings are:- playing, eating, sweeping, sailing and climbing.

Homework challenge - practise writing sentences using these 'ing' words.


In Maths we have been learning about position and direction. 

We have learnt lots of mathematical vocabulary such as forwards, backwards, above, below, next to, in the corner of, under, over etc.

We have also learnt the points on a compass- North, South, East and West.  

Homework challenge- Pactise giving and following instructions at home.


We have also enjoyed participating in lots of Science investigations with children in Nursery, Reception and Year 2.

However the  best part of the week for many of us was playing in the snow on the back field. We loved sledging down the hill and building snowmen.

Then we had a drink of hot chocolate -yum!


Have a great weekend

Week beginning 21st January 2019


This week in English our writing has been centred around the book 'Pirates Love Underpants'

We also concentrated on words that ended in 'est'

We came up with some fantastic sentences such as -

The captain was the oldest pirate on board the ship and he thought he had the smartest underpants!


Our spellings for Friday 1st February will be:-

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday   


In Maths we have been finding 1 more and 1 less than any number to 100.

As we gained in confidence we also found 10 more and ten less than any number to 100.

Homework challenge:- 10 more than 16 is?

                          10 less than 47 is ?

Continue the sequences - 40, 50, ? ? 80

                             85, 75, 65, ?


In the afternoons we looked at some of the rules that pirates had on board their ships.

We then evaluated our classroom rules and decided if we needed to change any of them.

Later we found  out about some pirate jobs such as cabin boy or powder monkey. 

We then looked at the jobs we are responsible for in school such as jumper monitor, book monitor, line leader etc 


The children are really looking forward to our Science Week. We do hope that you can come into school on Wednesday morning at 9am to join in the fun!

Have a great weekend

Week beginning 14th January 2019


In English this week we have been looking at the book 'My Grandma is a Pirate!

We have written sentences using 'ed' words

eg Grandma sailed the seven seas to look for treasure. 

She had a parrot that talked, danced and whistled 

Homework challenge- Read 5 different times in the week and practise your 5 spellings


In Maths we have been looking at the topic 'direction'

We can now turn our bodies a whole turn, a half turn, a quarter turn and a three quarters turn.

We are also becoming more confident turning left or right

Homework challenge- continue to practise turning a whole turn, a half turn, a quarter turn and a three quarters turn right or left.


We have launched our new topic 'Treasure Island'.

We had our Entry Point on Pirate day and the children were so excited. The children had to travel to the different Captains (Teachers) where each one had a special activity for our Pirate crew!

After our introduction into being a pirate we have started our learning as pirates.

We have learnt about the different seas and the 7 continents. 


Well done to Class D who were joint winners of the 5 read trophy with Class A.


Have a great weekend.

Week beginning 7th January 2019


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas celebrating with family and friends.


In Maths  we have been looking at the topic of time.

We have been learning about the days of the week and how to read, spell and order them.

We have also learnt to read o'clock times using an analogue clock and are becoming more confident with reading half past the hour times.

Homework challenge- Practise reading o'clock and half past the hour times using an analogue clock.

Answer questions such as -

What day is it today?

What day was it yesterday?

What day will it be tomorrow?

How many days of the week begin with the letter s?


In English we have been concentrating on improving our handwriting and writing sentences with 'ed' words

eg In P.E I balanced on the beam and then I climbed to the top of the climbing frame.

Homework challenge- Practise your 5 spellings ready for a test on Friday.


Our spellings are - looked, pushed, jumped, shouted, pulled


We have also completed our Science topic on Super Humans this week and are looking forward to starting our new topic 'Treasure Island!'.


Have a lovely weekend