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Spring 1

Week beginning 7th February

We have had a very busy week this week. We have continued to think about the many people who help us and thought about different situations when we might need help and who we would ask. We have explored different scenarios and been lollipop people outdoors. We have been learning about keeping safe on the internet and listened to 2 stories that taught us about keeping passwords private and about asking grown ups for help if we see something that we don't like.


We have also learnt about the Queen this week. We learnt that the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years and we examined money to find her portrait. We have enjoyed making crowns and listening to the National Anthem. We have also learnt about Valentines Day and we have made cards to give to someone special. 


In our phonics learning this week we have been listening to the initial sounds in words and grouping objects that start with the same sound. 


We have have had a wonderful half term and we hope you all have a fun half term break. See you soon everyone. Take care!

Week beginning 31st January

This week we have had a great week in Nursery while we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We learnt how Chinese New Year is celebrated and thought about how we celebrate special times with our families. We found out that the children are given a gift of a money packet and we practised counting coins into labelled packets. We listened to a story called "The Great Race" about why each year is named after an animal and we learnt that we were born in the year of the Dog or the Rooster. This year is the year of the Tiger. As part of our phonics learning we gave each animal a name beginning with same letter as the type of animal it is. Some of the names we choose were Rebecca Rooster, Daisy Dog and Toby Tiger. As part of our activities we have built pagodas and practised using chopsticks to pick up noodles. We have also made lanterns and shaker instruments. We learnt a song about Chinese New Year and we played our instruments while we sang our song. This week we have also tasted prawn crackers, spring rolls and prawn toast. What a fun and busy week it has been! 

Week beginning 24th January

We have had another busy week of learning in Nursery this week. We have been continuing to learn about people who help us and we have learnt about Firefighters. We used the hose pipe in the outdoor area to role play being a firefighter and we used the bikes as emergency vehicles. We learnt that firefighters do lots of other jobs too to help people stay safe and we explored firefighters uniform and why they wear it. 


On Friday we took part in our school bird watch. We learnt about why it is important to care for birds and we made bird feeders, hung them on our trees and went to see what birds use our outdoor area. 


In maths this week we have continued to learn about shapes and we have been on shape hunts looking for triangles and rectangles. We also used different shapes to make pictures. In English we have continued to learn about rhyming and continue a rhyming string.  

Week beginning 17th January

This week we have been learning about how the Police help us. We explored the vehicles they use and we learnt that dogs and horses also help them to do their jobs. We looked at their uniforms and looked at some of the things they carry on the special belt they wear. We talked about when we might need the help of the police and the type of things they can help us with. 


In our maths this week we have begun learning about shapes. We have learnt that circles don't have any corners and have a curved edge and squares have 4 straight sides that are all the same length and they have 4 corners. We went on a shape hunt around our in indoor and outdoor areas and we found lots of circles and squares. Perhaps you could see if you can find any circles and squares at home.


As part of our English learning we have been exploring rhyme. We have identified and matched objects that rhyme and found words that rhyme with our names. They made us laugh because sometimes they are nonsense words. You could try some silly rhymes with your family at home. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone. See you next week.

Week beginning 10th January


Happy New Year to all our families and friends!


We have had a super start to the New Year. This half term we will be learning about people who help us and the things that they do to help us. This week we have enjoyed playing in our new role play area which is a Doctors Surgery. We have been learning about how doctors, nurses, paramedics, receptionists and porters help to look after their patients when they are poorly. We have thought about times when we have been to the doctors and looked at the instruments they might use such as thermometers and stethoscopes. We have also learnt a song about people who help us in different jobs too.


We have also been learning about what opposites and we have been practising more and fewer by identifying which set has more or less objects in groups of 2. 


At home you could perhaps talk to your child about your job or the jobs of your families and friends. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone.