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Spring 1

Week Beginning 10th January 2022

Happy New Year and welcome back everybody! We hope you had a wonderful and well rested Christmas break. 

During our first week back to school we have been busy learning about shape in our maths lessons! We have learned all about how 2D shapes are flat shapes and looked carefully at their properties. We have learned about shapes in lots of different ways, spotting them in our learning environment, going on shape hunts, writing labels, creating shape pictures, even using elastic bands to stretch into different shapes on our peg boards!


During phonics we have learned 2 new sounds, j and v. We have learned how to form our new letters and read words such as jam, jet, van, vet etc... with our new sounds in them. We have also practised writing CVC words too. We have recapped our red words so far (words that don't follow the rule of phonics and can't be sounded out). Our red words so far are the, to, no, go, I and into. You could practise reading and writing these words at home too! There is phonics learning added to you simply need to use your child's login details stapled to the front of their reading diary then click on 'homework.'


We have started our literacy learning with a new book 'Simon Sock.' We have read the story, retold the story and even wrote sentences about the story this week. We have looked carefully at what Simon is looking for to make a good friend and discussed what would make a good partner. The children have all coloured and designed their own socks and wrote sentences describing what they look like!


In our afternoons we have been very busy! We have begun our history learning where we will be comparing and contrasting modern day figures with figures of the past. This week we looked at older and current musicians including Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Will.I.Am.


In the afternoons we have begun our art learning! This half term we will be creating our very own sock puppets. The children have started this week by looking at a range of designs and considering the materials other people have used and why they have chosen to use them.


In Science we have begun looking at the signs of Winter. We discussed how the weather had changed and the impact this has had on our environment outside. The children spotted that leaves had fallen off some trees and bushes but not all of them. We discussed the terms 'deciduous' and 'evergreen' and spotted them around our outdoor environment.


Please continue to take LFD each day to keep our treasures and staff safe! We will continue to keep surfaces clean, classrooms well ventilated and encourage lots of hand washing! Have a lovely weekend!