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Spring 1

Week beginning 10th January 2022



This week we have been learning to use commas correctly. We wrote sentences and listed our favourite things, for example, 'My favourite books are Harry Potter, Jack and the Beanstalk and Where's Wally.

It made us smile how many children had a list of their favourite restaurants.smiley



This week we have been making equal groups and arrays. We have learned how to use the multiplication sign and write stories about the calculations, for example, 3x2 = there are 3 equal groups with two in each group.




Design Technology

We have been looking at different kinds of bridges such as arch, beam, suspension and cantilever. We have been talking about the different kinds of materials engineers use to build these strong, stable structures. We also looked at natural bridges made from stone and ice.

Hot Chocolate Friday


Well done to this weeks superstars who had hot chocolate with Mrs Field today.

Happy New Year!


For those children who are isolating at home here are a few ideas to keep you busy -


  • access Education City and follow the homework link
  • write about some of the activities you did over the holidays
  • read a story to someone in your family