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Spring 1

Week beginning 9th February 2015

This week in Nursery we have really enjoyed taking roles in the cafe, ordering and serving food. We talked about the ingredients needed to make pancakes, followed a recipe to make them and learnt a rhyme. They tasted delicious with lemon and sugar on them. If you make them at home next week remember to tell us what you had on yours.

After half-term we will be talking about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Do you know which animal year it is this year? We will also be practising our number skills to see if we can match some amounts to numerals.

Have a lovely half-term and see you soon.

Week beginning 2nd February 2015

This week in Nursery we have been making sculptures of birds using clay and collage materials. We pulled the clay, then rolled it into balls. We have also been making pictures using shapes, pins and hammers. We know the names of lots of shapes.

Next week we are setting up the role play as a cafe as lots of children have been using the clipboards to take orders for food. As it is Shrove Tuesday in half term we are making pancakes to serve in the cafe. If you go to a cafe or restaurant this week-end see if you can find out the title of the people who work in it and what their job is?

Week beginning 26th January 2015

On Monday and Tuesday we went on a bird watch in our outdoor area. We put out bird seed for the birds to eat and we saw magpies, sparrows and pidgeons. The rest of the week it became very cold and we didn't see any birds. We will look again next week. We created some super bird pictures using our scissor skills and mixing our own brown paint. The role play area has become a vets surgery and we have been looking after our toy animals and making them better.

Next week we will be practising counting and recognising numbers. See if you can find any numbers on your way to and from school? 

Week beginning 19th January 2015

This week in Nursery we have welcomed some visitors who have talked to us about the jobs they do. Mr Costello told us how firefighters keep us safe, Mrs Brown, the midwife, showed us how to look after babies, Mrs Pulford showed us some physiotherpy exercises, Mrs Edgar showed us how to decorate cakes and Miss Dibnah, from the oral team, showed us how to clean our teeth and talked about healthy eating. Thank you to all our visitors. We enjoyed listening to you and learnt a lot.

Next week we are using binoculars to observe the birds that are around our school and using the clay to make bird sculptures.

Week beginning 12th January 2015

This week in Nursery we have been talking about things doctors and nurses use and why we need to go to see the doctor. We also created Winter wreaths, mixing our own pale blue paint and decorating with leaves we collected on our walk last week.

Next week is our World of Work week and we have invited some special visitors to come and talk about their jobs.

Week beginning 5th January 2015

Happy New Year and welcome back to Nursery. This week we set up our role play as a hospital as our topic this half term is about people who work in our community. We also went on a walk around our school grounds to look at our animals. We were very surprised to find a new animal near Year 2 classroom. Can you remember what animals we saw and our new animal's name?

We looked at photos of us dressed ready for our Nativity play at Christmas and wrote our names. Lots of children are having a go at writing their names which is brilliant.

Next week we are talking about birds we might see in our gardens and looking at robins. See if you can see one this weekend? What colour feathers do they have?