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This week we are going to begin our final science topic of the year - plants! With this in mind, what better way to start a new topic than to plant our very own sunflowers?

This week, we would love it if you could find/buy a packet of sunflower seeds to grow! They are sold in most supermarkets and can even be found online.


Once you have your seeds, can you think about what your seed needs to grow? Sunlight, water, food? When you have discussed what your seed will need to grow, you can record your process for planting your sunflower in your new sunflower diary! You can either make your own diary or you can use the template below.

An important part of science learning is to observe changes over time. Therefore once your sunflower starts to grow, can you make a diary entry each week? What does it look like? What has changed? How many leaves does it have? Record how your plant changes each week. Additionally, as we have been learning all about measuring in Maths, can you measure your plant each week? How tall is it? How much taller is it than the previous week? I can't wait for all the exciting learning that will come from our sunflowers!


If you haven't managed to get your own sunflower seeds, worry not! You can find out some interesting information about sunflowers and their life cycle through your reading comprehension! Once you have looked at it, you could complete the life cycle of a sunflower worksheet below. Additionally there is a time-lapse video of a sunflower growing over time!

Sunflower Seeds Growing.avi

Still image for this video