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In science we have been completing lots of work for our 'Live and let live' topic. This topic has been all about animals and we have completed learning on life cycles, food chains and even habitats. An important part of learning about animals is learning about ourselves... humans!

This week we are going to learn all about our own bodies and ways that we stay healthy from exercise, to what we eat, to personal hygiene. 


Watch the video below as an introduction to this weeks science learning!

BBC Learning - What Do Humans Need To Stay Healthy

This week, I have uploaded some 'my body' learning on the Education City website.


Username: Year2Eagley

Password: infant


1. Login using the details above

2. Click on 'homework'

3. Click on 'my body'

4. Have fun learning!


After you have completed the learning about staying healthy, I have 2 challenges!

Exercise challenge!

There are some pictures above of different exercises that can be done in your house to help you stay fit and healthy. Can you do them? Can you think of your own exercise challenges? Send me some pictures of you completing your exercises and we can upload them to the website!

Science challenge poster!


This week I want you to consider, what has happened to your body after you exercised? Is your breathing any different? Do you look different? Why? Why is this good for your body? Use the pictures below to explore why exercise is so important and then make your own poster with everything you learned! I will upload them to this page for you and your friends to see :)