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Exciting news about 2 of our duck eggs today...! Welcome to year 2 baby ducklings :)

I have exciting news... Thursday/Friday this week is approximately the day our ducklings are due to hatch!! I will video this happening if I'm lucky enough to be at school at the right time and will hopefully upload a video on here for you to watch!


With this exciting news in mind, this weeks science learning is going to be all about life cycles! We have learned lots about the life cycle of a duck when we were at school, but what about other types of animals? Do all life cycles look the same?


This week, I have uploaded some life cycle learning on the Education City website.


Username: Year2Eagley

Password: infant


1. Login using the details above

2. Click on 'homework'

3. Click on 'life cyles'

4. Have fun learning!


After you have completed the life cycle learning I have a challenge!



Using your new life cycles knowledge, please can you research the life cycle of ANY ANIMAL YOU WANT! When you have done this, please create a poster! I would like to see lots of facts on your poster about your animal and its life cycle. Please send me a picture of your poster to

I will upload pictures of you with your posters to this page as you send me them! Then you can look at your friends learning too!

This life cycles video might help you with your challenge!

Science challenge pictures! Can you see any of your friends?

Life cycle of a butterfly

Still image for this video
We have even had a life cycle video made! What a fantastic science project!