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'Everybody Worries' Story

Given everything that is going on in the world at the moment, our children are hearing lots of different things from grown ups and in the news. 

If your child is worrying at home, there is a lovely story on the link below that you might want to consider reading together. It is all about worrying and how they might feel. I hope you find this useful

As always, we are going to keep practicing our reading skills, they are so important to help us unlock other areas of learning!

Below you will find 3 comprehensions to have a go at throughout the week. Please make sure you read these and answer the questions independently, then read it again with a grown up and check your answers.

Reading for pleasure is so important, enjoying books and using your imagination to bring them to life is so much fun!

This week with one of your books at home, I would like you to choose your favourite character in the story and write all about why they are your favourite character and why they are important! There is a template below for you to do this on smiley