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Our reading focus this week carries on from the History learning that we did last week.  This week you will be reading information texts (Non-fiction texts) about famous black people in history.  Black History Month happens each year in October and is a way of remembering important people and events in history.


I would like you to read through the posters.  When you have read them I would like you to choose one of the famous people from the past and create your own poster to include significant facts about the person you have chosen.  You can use the computer to do this or you can use paper and pens.  I really love making posters containing important and interesting facts and using my felt tip pens!  You can use bold BUBBLE writing and you can create a question for your title to interest the reader.  Think about where you will use a heading? Sub-heading? You can even use bullet points!  smiley


I am excited to see your posters and you can share them with me by emailing them to me at:


Here are the posters to read and research the facts for your poster...

 Here are your Reading Comprehensions for this week...