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Our hens

Our hens moved into their new enclosure early in 2018, it was kindly built for us by one of our children's grandparents. we have a Partridge Wyanadotte called Dotty, a Buff Orpington called Dixie. a Black Araucana called Doris and an Araucana x called Rosie. Rosie is a bit of an escape artist and can be found every day walking round the playground interacting with the children. All the hens are very quiet, allowing the children to get close up and hands on. They are used in lessons to help the children practice measuring, weighing, comparing...........

In Spring they start to lay eggs which we use in DT  making omelettes, egg and cress sandwiches, buns and cakes. We use them in scientific experiments looking at the shape and what makes them so strong.