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National School Sports Week and the Olympics

This week is National Schools Sports Week and National Olympic Day is on 23rd June and is a chance for people all over the world to get active and explore games together! This week we have a choice of lots of exciting activities for you to choose from. We can't wait to see what you do this week!


Olympic medal

Can you design your own Olympic medal? You could use string/wool and make a patterned necklace, or you could use card to cut out your own medal!

Olympic game

There are hundreds of different sports and events within each sport that people compete in within the Olympics, for example, gymnastics has the vault, bars, beams and floor exercises to name a few! Can you create your own Olympic event at home and have a family competition? It might be an egg and spoon race, or a sack race, or you might want to be super creative and design your own unique event! We would love to see videos/pictures of you competing in your own events at home!

Olympic Kit

Every Olympian needs their own kit to wear and compete in! Can you design your own Olympic Kit to wear for the Olympics? You could draw and colour what yours would look like, or you could search for items around your house that you could wear!

Olympics Mascot

In 2012 during the London Olympics, we had a mascot named 'Wenlock.' A lot of thought goes into designing a mascot. Can you use this information and template to design your own mascot?

British Paralympian

The Paralympics also take place every 4 years, with help from an adult can you research a British Paralympian? E.g. which event did they take part in? Where did they place? How many times have they competed etc...

Here are some more activity ideas from the Youth Sports Trust