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Adding and subtracting!

This week we are going to focus on addition and subtraction. We have done lots of this in school, however it is so important that we are fluent in adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. This week there are lessons provided on the White Rose website following this link

However there are no worksheets provided anymore, but fear not... We have matched our own worksheets to the lessons. Please watch each lesson and complete the matching worksheet below. Happy adding and subtracting! smiley

Lesson 5 - Here are some addition and subtraction word problems for you to try! Click on the pictures below to have a go at them!

Addition and subtraction learning can also be found on the Education City website for those of you who prefer learning that is more tablet friendly! Enjoy smiley

Click on the following link:


Username: Year2Eagley

Password: infant

1. Click on link and enter login details

2. Click on 'homework' section

3. Click on 'addition and subtraction'