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Light and Celebrations

Week Beginning Monday 8th December



This week we continued our work on 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. The children used their imagination to plan and then write a story about Rose following her brother into the tunnel. The children wrote fabulous stories, describing Rose's feelings, magical worlds where the children find themselves at the other end of the tunnel and characters they meet. Well done everyone!


Imperial War Museum and The Lowry

We all had an absolutely fabulous day on Monday visiting the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and crossing the bridge to see the amazing Lowry paintings we had studied earlier in the year. The children behaved exceptionally and we were very proud of them! Thank you to all parent helpers.







Week Beginning Monday 1st December



This week we started to read 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. It is a story about a brother and sister who are very different and who argue all the time. One day their mum sends them out together and they find a tunnel, the brother crawls into the tunnel but his sister is not sure what to do........should she follow him? Or not?

We imagined we were the sister and we decided not to follow him into the tunnel. Instead we wrote notes to leave for him when he comes out. We wrote our notes and left them under stones for each other to read.......


We have been telling the time this week on both analogue and digital clocks. You can practise this all the time at home! Where can you see clocks in your house?

We have also been making sure we know the order of the mopnths of the year. Some of us have no problems if we start with January but find it a bit tricky if we choose a different month! Try teaching your mum or dad how to rally robin the days of the months!

We have enjoyed listening to a song called 'What's the Time?' by Johnny and the Raindrops - you can find it on youtube if you want to listen to it at home.




We have enjoyed making our Christingles and are looking forward to teaching our families how to make a Christingle on Tuesday. We found out what each part of the Christingle represents - the candle, the orange, the sweets, the cocktail sticks and the red ribbon.

Week Beginning 24th November 2014


In Literacy we have been investigating the appearance of a mysterious picture of a soldier from World War 2. We worked together to develop questions we would like to ask about the photograph and interviewed Mrs Thornley.  We had lots of fun learning how to use the Ipads to record our questions.  At home you could help your child practise using a question mark accurately.








In Maths we have been learning to understand division as repeated subtraction or sharing.  At home children could practise sharing set amounts equally.


In the afternoons we have been learning our songs from our school Nativity and continued our learning with the school Ipads. Children will be coming home with a log in for PurpleMash, which is an online educational website we will be using to support our learning across the curriculum.


We have been learning about Hannukah, the Jewish Festival of Light.

We read the story of Hannukah and learnt about the importance of the Menorah with its eight candles.

We made our own Menorah pictures.


The Northern Lights


We found out about the aurora borealis or the northern lights, it is rather complicated!

We then used chalks to create our own pictures.

Come and have a look at our wonderful pictures in the hall!


Light and electricity


We thought about different sources of light - how many can you think of?

Then we made circuits and found out how we could light the bulbs.