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IEYC Topic - Blast Off!



Our next International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) unit of learning will be ‘Blast off!’

through which children will be exploring the theme of ‘Space’.


Each Learning Block will provide new learning experiences.

In Learning Block 1, we’ll be:

Making friends with a Moonbeam

Creating our own space character

Exploring the stars

Helping the Moonbeams to fly home

In Learning Block 2, we’ll be:

Making a space suit

Learning about the planets

Training to be an astronaut

Building a rocket ship

In Learning Block 3, we’ll be:

Exploring moon shapes

Having a picnic on the moon

Playing with moon rocks

Making a moon buggy

In Learning Block 4, we’ll be:

Exploring a new planet

Making a home for the Moonbeams

Running a space restaurant

Having a party with the Moonbeams


Blast Off!

Our learning will help us to develop the IEYC Personal Goals of:










Our learning will also help to develop the IEYC International Dimension as children will learn about:

The similarities and differences between children’s lives.

Learning and playing with others beyond their immediate friendship group.

Applying the IEYC Personal Goals in various contexts.

The characteristics of the kinds of children the school is helping to develop and

demonstrating them in developmentally-appropriate ways.

In an environment that enables them to:

Develop knowledge and an increasing understanding beyond that related to their own identity.

As always, we would like to form a ‘learning-link’ partnership with you, in this way we can work together to help your child learn in the best possible way.

Please help by capturing your child’s curiosity; this means keeping your child’s teacher

informed about what he/she is most interested in during this IEYC unit of learning and

finding out what he/she would like to learn more about. This helps us to plan relevant

learning experiences that will appeal to your child’s curiosity. You can do this by writing a note to your child's teacher in their reading diaries or completing a 'Wow moment' which are available from Reception staff.

We hope this IEYC unit of learning will help your child learn new knowledge, increase their understanding and develop new skills that they can demonstrate to you.

We look forward to sharing what we have learned at the end of the IEYC unit of learning

when we hold our Exit Point. We will send details of when this will be in advance.

We look forward to forming a successful learning-link partnership with you so that we can

support your child’s learning together!

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