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Maths Home Learning

Week beginning: 21.09.2020

You will find below the links to access the Maths learning that we will be doing in class.  Please click on the link and follow the daily video link for the teaching sequence and also the worksheet that accompanies the daily lesson for your child to complete.


Phonics Home Learning

Please use your phonics cards to continue to practise the individual letter sounds and also ff, ll, ss, zz as these are the sounds we are learning at the moment in class.


As well as saying the sounds please have a go at writing the letter, the grapheme.  Ask a grown up to say some cvc words such as cuff, fill, will, boss, buzz etc for you to write.  You can also ask a grown up to say a sentence for you to write as we have been doing in class.  For example "I can jump. I can hop."

Remember to use lined paper or draw lines using a ruler as we begin every letter from the line.  Remember to hold your sharp pencil correctly in a pincer grip (pinching the pencil) and say the ditty "we start with a flick from the line!"  Sitting comfortably at a table with your feet on the floor and supporting the paper with your spare hand will make your writing super neat and tidy!



Phonic games