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Week beginning 11th January

See if you can make a silly soup. You will need a large pan and you will need to collect items in your house that begin with 's'. What items will you put in? Can you make a new silly soup using a different sound?


Go on a hunt around your house. How many numbers can you find? Where are the numbers and what numbers are they? Can you find the same number in different places? Maybe you could count out the correct number of items to match the numbers. 


This week in school we will be thinking about how doctors, nurses, paramedics and other people help us if we go to hospital. We will be talking about if we have have been to hospital and why we went. At home you could talk about this and perhaps set up your own hospital with your teddies or dolls.  

Week beginning 4th January

  • See how many patterns you can find in your house. Can you describe the pattern to an adult? See what items you can find to make your own pattern.
  • Play a game of I Spy. Listen carefully to the sounds at the beginning of the words. 
  • Share a story with and adult. When they have finished reading the story to you, use the pictures in the book to help you read the story back to them.
  • Go on a number scavenger hunt. See if you can find 1 soft toy, 2 books, 3 spoons, 4 pillows, 5 pennies. See what happens if you put two of the groups together, eg how many books and pillows do you have? 
  • See how many places in your house you can see the number 1. Where is the number? Is it with any other numbers?
  • Go on a sound hunt around your house.What sounds can you hear in the kitchen? What sounds can you hear in the bedroom? What can you hear in the bathroom? What can you hear in the garden? 



Week beginning 30th November

This week we will be learning about Christmas. We will be listening to the Nativity story and learning that Christians celebrate Christmas. As part of our learning we will talk about advent and about the change in season from Autumn to Winter. At home you could watch the Nativity story on the link below. 

In our water play we will be exploring floating and sinking. We will be predicting which items will float and testing our predictions. 

We will be singing counting rhymes and learning some nativity songs from the Nursery Rhyme Nativity.

Week beginning 23rd November

This week we will be continuing our learning about autumn. We will be using leaves to make pictures of hedgehogs and we will be exploring patterns through leaf rubbings. 


As part of our phonics learning we will be listening to sounds and trying to identify the sounds we can hear. You can play along at home by clicking on the link below. 


In our maths learning we will be continuing our learning about patterns by making patterns using musical instruments or body sounds. 

Week beginning 16th November

This week we will be learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. We will be learning how Hindu's celebrate Diwali and we will be exploring how to make diva lamps. We will make rangoli patterns using rice and lentils and we will be sharing pictures of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. We will taste some indian foods and describe their flavours. We will explore what happens when we mix colours by splashing paint on large pieces of paper outdoors.


In our maths learning we will be exploring patterns. We will look for patterns around us, both inside and outside and we will use lots of different objects to make patterns of our own. 

Week beginning 9th November

This week we will be thinking about Autumn. Here are some activities that you could try. Have fun!

  • Go on an autumn walk. What changes can you see in the environment? What sounds can you hear? What can you collect that show signs of autumn?
  • Collect some autumn leaves. What colours are they? How small/large are they? Can you find one that is smaller or larger than the other leaves you have found? What shapes are they? What words can you use to descibe your leaf?
  • Use the items you have collected to make an autumn picture. Perhaps you could create a collage using the things you have found, paint a picture or make some leaf rubbings. 
  • What animals hibernate in winter? How do they prepare to hibernate in the autumn? Perhaps you could make a cosy den for an animal to hibernate in.


Week beginning 19th October

This week you could see if you could make a picture by using potatoes to print. Ask an adult to help you make a pattern in the potato and explore using different colours of paint. See if you can join your potato shapes together to make a giant picture. What will it look like? 

You could also play a listening game. Ask an adult to say an instruction such as point to what you smell with, and then you point to your nose. Other examples include tap what you hear with, or blink what you see with. Perhaps you could try giving an adult instructions too. See what other things you can think of. Have fun!