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This week we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe/VE day on Friday 8th May 2020. It is therefore important to learn all about this special day and why we are celebrating it.

Below is a PowerPoint to help you learn about VE day, however if you are unable to access PowerPoints, then there is also a slideshow of pictures taken from the PowerPoint to help you learn about this special day.

Another great website where we have set some VE day learning is Purple Mash. Each child was sent home with a login stapled into the front of their reading diary before we left school.

Please click on this link and use your child's individual login. You should then click on '2do' at the top of the page.

After you have learned all about VE day, there are a selection of activities below for you to choose from! There is some union jack bunting and flags for you to colour and display in your houses. I would love you to send pictures of your decorated homes to

There is also an activity to write a diary entry, imagining that you were a soldier during the war as well as an activity to desgin your own World War medals! I hope you have lots of fun learning about VE day and I can't wait to see your pictures!