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History Challenge!


Hello to all our happy historians!

We are all unique and have our own special talents.  Take a moment to think about your favourite talent. Can you name something you are really good at?

You may be a fantastic footballer, amazing artist, super swimmer, successful dancer? I’m sure you have thought of lots of things you are very good at doing.

This week we are going to be researching facts about famous people in history.

You can work through the tasks below to help you to produce your own historical fact file!


Challenge 1:

I wonder if you can answer this question:

Who is the most famous person in history?

Have a think and when you have decided go and ask other people in your house who they think is the most famous person in history?  Were your answers the same?

Can you make a list of 5 famous people from the past and then say why they are remembered?  You can decide how you want to present this information.  You can make a poster, you can use the computer or you can even draw a colourful Spider-gram? (Spider-grams are my favourite!)


Challenge 2:

We all have our own interests and hobbies that help to create the marvellous human beings that we all are!  In this challenge you will be comparing famous people from the past and the present.  You can choose to research famous footballers, dancers, gymnasts, explorers, artists or someone with your own interests and complete a fact-file on them.  For example if you are interested in football you can choose to find out about Pele a famous footballer from the past and then Cristiano Ronaldo who is a famous, present day footballer. 

I wonder if any of you know any significant and famous people from the past who were born in Bolton? 


You can use the fact file that has been provided or using the headings from the fact file you can be creative and make a poster or book to present your findings.


You can find out more information by visiting the following website:


I hope you have lots of fun as you go back in time to research historical information and facts! I am very excited to see your wonderful learning.  

You can share it with me by emailing


Mrs Field