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Friday 19th March


Hello children and families - It's Fantastic Friday!

You will find our suggested learning activities below.




Read your star key words to a grown up.  Using your best handwriting and remembering to start writing your letter with a flick from the line ask your special person to say a word and you show them how you can write your star words!  It's fun to do this in the steam on the shower screen or you can get your hands messy in shaving foam or gloop!  (To make gloop you can mix cornflour and water together - enjoy watching the word as it magically disappears after you've written it!)


Read your school reading book remembering to sound out the words you need to by using your finger to point at the letter to segment the sounds then go back to start of the word with your finger and blend the sounds together.

When you have finished reading we would like you to retell the story and then make a prediction to say what you think may happen next.


You can also read one of your own books or watch and listen to an on-line story.  You can use your fabulous acting skills to perform the story as you retell it to your friends or special grown-ups using some of the words from the story.  Which character from your story can you be? Can your special grown-up guess by your actions and words?


You can read a Fairy Story.  I love to retell the story of Cinderella and pretend I am Cinderella, or The Fairy Godmother (you could even make your own magic wand!) or sometimes I pretend to be an Ugly Sister!  Can you say which character you would choose to be and explain why?

Another Fairy Story you could read or listen to and watch on-line is Jack and the Beanstalk.  One of the characters in this story is a Giant.  I wonder how he would walk around his castle? How would he speak? Can you show your family the scariest Giant in the world?


Your 'Fantastic Friday' superstar challenge is to draw your favourite part in the story you read.  You can then write a sentence about your picture.




Click on the link below and have fun playing the phonics games!



Sing our 'Days of the week' songs to your family.

Count forwards as you go up the stairs and backwards from 20 as you go down the stairs.


Watch Numberblocks - Super Strong Number 9 by clicking on the link below


Now make a set of 9 objects.  You could make a set of 9 crayons, 9 LEGO pieces, 9 LOL dolls or collect 9 leaves, pebbles or twigs.


You can now draw 9 objects.  Will you draw 9 footballs, or 9 lollipops or 9 love hearts?


Now you can write number 9.  Tip some sugar onto a plate and use your finger or a cocktail stick to write the number.  You can ask a grown- up to squirt some shaving foam onto a tray then write number 9.  Can you also make a number line by writing the numbers 0 to 10?


For your last maths challenge you can show your family how clever you are with the Part, Part, Whole model.  Use 3 plates to represent the Part, Part and the Whole. Arrange them as shown below in the picture.  Now use the vocabulary for addition and subtraction to explain your Part, Part Whole! 


Now Math-a-magicians your 'Fantastic Friday' challenge is to write the calculation or number sentence using number and the symbols +, - and =.  For example 9 + 0 = 9

How many different calculations can you make?

Use this poster to help you represent or 'show me' different ways to make 9!

Use this poster to help you represent or 'show me' different ways to make 9!  1

'Fantastic Friday' fun challenge time!


We know that Reception are the best bakers in our school and we're sure you'll agree after looking at or tasting our delicious Valentine's cupcakes.  We would like to set you a cake challenge today:

Can you make or bake some perfect cakes to share with your special families? 

 You can decide who the cakes will be for and make labels for your cakes!




Reception treasures... are you Ready? Steady? Baaaaaaake! 







A note to our wonderful Reception Class families, 


We hope our Reception treasures enjoy the Literacy and Numeracy activities we have shared.  We care about you all and understand that these are challenging times for our children and families and therefore we wanted to say the activities are suggested to help your child to continue their learning journey.  We will also be  sharing suggestions of other 'fun things' you can do indoors to keep everyone smiling and to help to pass the time.


Please take the time to rest and heal if you are unwell and know we have no expectations for how much time you spend learning or how it is recorded. 

Our priority is to support you during this school closure to ensure our children and their families are healthy and happy! 


With our love and best wishes to you all!


Mrs Field, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Tibbitts, Mrs Chadwick, Miss Morris, Miss Bowker and Miss Back.