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Ethos and Values

Our Vision

“Happy Children Make the Best Learners”

At Eagley Infants we are committed to make every day full of excitement, challenge and fun, providing a safe and secure environment in which children develop a lifelong love of learning.


Our Mission Statement

We are committed to ensure that children:

  • Have ambitious aspirations and the knowledge that there are endless possibilities of what they can be (DREAM)
  • Develop a high self-esteem and the confidence to know that they can achieve their dreams (BELIEVE)
  • Are equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure they can make their dreams a reality (SHINE)


Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Provide an aspirational, knowledge rich, progressive learning experience in a highly inclusive environment in which children and staff feel motivated, happy and secure.
  • Ensure that learners at all levels are helped to achieve their potential in a place where they feel safe, loved and respected.
  • Value every child’s individual learning journey and provide opportunities for all children to achieve their potential and to become life-long learners.
  • Nurture our children and help them to develop the skills to grow into responsible, caring and fulfilled young people in our community and beyond.
  • Work collaboratively with our community to build positive relationships to support our children and families throughout their school journey.
  • Ensure that our children develop strong morals and learn the importance of our core values - Friendship, Trust, Courage, Resilience, Respect,  Independence.