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We are going to continue our learning on the Three Little Pigs this week. 


1. This week we are going to be writing our own version of the 3 Little Pigs but with a twist. So your first activity is to create your very own characters. I would like you to think of an animal to replace the pigs with. This could be the 3 little cats or the 3 little dogs etc. I would like you to draw them in colour and then write some adjectives to describe them. 



2. The second activity is going to be to draw a house for each of your 3 characters. You need to choose 3 different materials! You can keep it the same as in the story if you would like. After this I want you to write the beginning of your story. You are going to introduce your 3 characters using the adjectives you used to describe them and tell the reader what each of them built their house out of. 

eg. Once upon a time lived 3 cats. All the cats were small, cute and had ginger fur. One day they decided to build a house each. The first cat built her house of straw. The second cat built her house of sticks and the third cat built her house of bricks. 


3. Today we are going to be creating our version of the Big Bad Wolf. Think of an animal which you would like to use to try and eat your other characters. See if you can use your knowledge of animals and what food they like to eat. I would like you to draw this character and then use adjectives to describe them.


4. You are going to put together a sentence describing your big bad animal. 

eg One day along came a Big Bad Dog who was looking for a tasty snack. He say the 3 little cats and went to their houses.


5. This is the final part of our story. I would like you to complete the ending of your story and I will leave it up to you to think of how you would like to end it.




This week really focus on:


- Capital letters

- Full stops

- Using cursive handwriting

- Exclamation mark

- Question mark