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Little Wandle Phonics

Phonics is a specific, defined body of knowledge. Children learn this most effectively if we use direct teaching. Phonics is also powerful knowledge. It opens up the potential of reading and so much other learning, too. Children are at an advantage if they are taught phonics efficiently and as early as possible in their learning journey. Considering the young age of the children, regular short bursts of direct teaching are most effective, although these do not necessarily need to be of a particular duration. 

Children need to learn to read as quickly as reasonably possible, so they can move from learning to read to reading to learn, giving them access to the treasure house of reading. Their progress must include reaching national standards by the required times, for example in the Phonics screening check. This means they should successfully cover the full phonic progression over the time span of the school’s programme.


Below are some links and videos that we shared at our Phonics Parenetal Engagement Session. These resources will help support you and your child when reading at home.

Little Wandle Overview Reception -Year 1

Capital Letter Formation

Year 2 Tricky Words