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This half term our topic is:

'Come and play'


This week we would like you to:


  • Draw a picture of you with your favourite toy. Write some super sentences to tell us all about your favourite toy. What does it do? What does it look like? Why is it your favourite toy?


  • Gather a selection of your toys. What materials are your toys made from? Plastic, wood, metal? Can you sort them by what they are made from? Can you describe the materials? Are they soft, hard, bumpy, rough smooth? 


  • Read the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Gather some straws, twigs, and building bricks. Build the houses for the 3 little pigs. Make a prediction about which house will be the strongest and which will be the weakest. Chat to a grown up about why you think this. Test out your 3 houses, were your predictions correct? 



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