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Challenge 4

Challenge 4:


Today you will write your own superhero fantasy story! How exciting!

Use your amazing plan from yesterday's lesson to help you as your write each section of your story.

Have a think for a moment about the title of your story...

Now your clever brain has sent you the title write it down at the top of your paper.

If you can use lined paper and a sharpened pencil because that will help you to keep your writing neat.


Remember to:

Say the sentence!

Write the sentence!

Check the sentence!


And now it's over to you to write your story!

Ready, steady, off you go!


When you have finished writing your story please go back and read through it as you check for spelling mistakes and that your sentences are exciting and make sense.


Please read your finished story out loud, with amazing expression, to your special grown-up they will be so very impressed with your writing skills!

I would also love to read your stories!