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Challenge 3

Challenge 3:


Hello Year 2 Authors and Illustrators!

In today's lesson you are going to plan your own fantasy story that includes a superhero and a villain.  Using the sheet below, or if you prefer you can use paper and draw the plan yourself, I would like you to plan your story. 

I have included some superhero sheets below in case you would like to choose a superhero to write about (you will need to decide their super powers of course!) or you can use your ideas from lesson 1 so you will feature in the story yourself - it's up to you!

Remember a plan contains the key parts of your story.   You will use it to give your clever brain prompts and to keep you on track as you write your story tomorrow.

When you have completed your illustrations and written your plan use a different coloured pen to add interesting words and vocabulary in each section.  Now take another coloured pen and choose the section on your plan where you know you can include a question and write your question on the plan.  (Remember to use ?)  Because fantasy stories are so very exciting there will be many chances to use an exclamation mark!  Choose the most exciting section of your plan and with a different colour write your sentence with an !


You can share your colourful completed plans with me by emailing a photo to :