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Challenge 2

Lesson 2:


Do you know the opposite of a Superhero?

If you said villain then you are thinking exactly the same as me!

In today's lesson you will be creating your own villain to use in your fantasy story later on in the week.

I'm sure you have lots of ideas already about the villain you will include in your story but to help you  please watch the YouTube clip below to give you some great ideas about types of villains in stories and films.  (Listen carefully this information will help you create your villain!)

 You do not need to watch the whole of the clip so please ask an adult to help you to stop the clip at 2:41 so you can answer the question "Who is your favourite villain?"


My favourite villain is Queen Barb from Trolls 2 who is a rock troll who tries to destroy all the other types of music! 


Think about your own villain.

What do they look like?

What do they wear?

What colours or patterns are special to them?

What is their super-power?

What have they done that is bad?


Using your own super ideas and the information from the clip you are going to make a WANTED poster.  You can complete the WANTED poster below by drawing and labelling your villain then writing what they are wanted for - or you can create your own on paper or the computer.

Remember to decide on the reward you are going to issue when your vile villain is found!


I look forward to reading about your villains!