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Autumn Term 2

Week Commencing 13.12.21


We started our week with a visit to Turton Tower and what a wonderful time we had! We helped stir a Christmas pudding and we each made a wish. Then we played parlour games and decorated a Cornucopia. We met a Victorian Father Christmas and he showed us what was in a Victorian stocking. Can you tell your grown up what the six things were and the meaning behind each one? 


Then we performed our Nativity for you all on Tuesday! We hope you enjoyed it! The children certainly did and we are super proud of everyone!  


On Thursday we had a cheeky visit from the elves. Ask your child what they did in our classroom and playground! 


During the Christmas holidays we would like you to:  

  • Spend time with people that you care about  
  • Do the things that you enjoy 
  • Eat food that you love 
  • Watch your favourite programme or film 
  • Make somebody laugh or smile 
  • Do something nice for somebody else 
  • Play with your toys  
  • Make special memories with your family 

And finally,  

  • Come back to school ready to learn! 

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Week Commencing 6th December


In Maths this week we have been comparing numbers to 20. We have used the language ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equals to’ to compare amounts of objects. All the children have used the symbols < > and = to show this. Everyone has also sequenced groups of objects from smallest to largest. 


In English we have continued to write our story of Orion and the dark. Everyone has tried really hard and we are so proud of our classes!  


In Art we have now completed our seascapes. Can you continue to improve your art skills at home?  


Nativity rehearsals in full swing and we have had the performance professionally recorded for your DVD! We are looking forward to welcoming you into school on Tuesday for the grand shows!  


Education City homework has been updated for this week. There are no words of the week this week. We will restart these after the Christmas break. 


Week Commencing 29th November 


It’s been a very busy week in Year One and Christmas has officially arrived in our classrooms! We have our very own Christmas tree and advent calendars to share with the children. 


In English this week we have started to retell the story of Orion and the dark using our story hands which we drew to map out the story. The children have worked hard to start their sentence with a tall capital letter, keep their letters on the line and end their sentences with a full stop. We have started to introduce some story telling language like ‘once upon a time’. Can you spot any other story telling language in books you have at home? 


Our maths learning this week has focussed on how we can show numbers 0-20. Everyone has used tens and ones, numicon, cubes and other equipment to represent numbers up to 20. Can you find things at home to show different numbers? For example, make a tens frame using chocolate buttons or build numerals using lego. We have also been learning how to spell the names of numbers up to 20, for example, 4 – four, 13 – thirteen.  


In design and technology this week we designed and created shadow puppets! Ask your child what shape theirs was! What made it a good shadow puppet? How could they have made it better? Reflection and evaluation are skills we have been discussing as essential to learn and grow!  


Rehearsals are in full swing for our Nativity production! The children are doing really well and are excited to perform for you on Tuesday 14th December. The nativity dress rehearsal is being professionally recorded in school for the DVD on Thursday 9th December. Please make sure your child has everything they need sent in by then.  


Our Education City homework activities have been updated ready for you.


Have a wonderful weekend!  

Week Commencing 22nd November



This week our English learning has continued this week around the book, Orion and the dark. We have explored the meaning of some new words in the story and drawn a story hand to retell the story using story language and time adverbials. Extending your child’s vocabulary is a wonderful way to broaden their understanding and enhance their language for talking and writing. Are there any new words in your books at home that you could find the meaning to? We also went on a darkness hunt!! Can you find the darkest place in your house?   


For our Maths this week we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes. Ask your child how many they know! We have also learnt the correct vocabulary to describe shapes including sides, edges and faces. The children were then challenged to sort shapes into two groups using any criteria they wanted, some children chose to sort by size, some by colour, some by number of sides. Can you go on a shape hunt at home and record the shapes you have in your home?  


In History this week we have been exploring toys from the past. We explored some old toys and learnt how they work. Ask your child if they prefer toys from the past or modern toys. Can they tell you why they prefer one over the other and what the differences are?  


In Art this week we have started to create a seascape using the skills and artistic techniques we have learnt over the past couple of weeks.  


The children in Forest school this week were challenged on a scavenger hunt. They had to explore the area searching for things like something prickly, a smooth pebble or a shiny leaf. They had so much fun!  


In PSHE this week we have been reflecting on our school and what a wonderful place it is. We have thought about what makes our school special and how we love to learn here!  


New homework has been set for your child on Education City and the new words for the week are in their reading diary. 


A slip has been sent home with your child letting you know their part in the Christmas play.  

Thank you for your ongoing support! Have a lovely weekend!  

Week Commencing 15th November 


This week in English we have been focussing on our new book, Orion and the dark, by Emma Yarlett. Orion is scared of the dark so we have been talking about things that we are scared of. All the children have expanded their vocabulary this week by exploring different words for the word ‘scared’. Ask your child what words we found. Then they wrote a sentence about what they were scared of and why. They were challenged to either use the word ‘because’  to explain why or to use the word 'and' to join 2 sentences together - everyone has done really well!  


In maths, we have spent the week applying our super knowledge of addition and subtraction to be able to compare calculations. We have used the symbols for greater than, less than and equals to do this. For example, 3+7=10 > 4+2=6. The children have had to first work out the answer to the calculations, then decide the symbol for in-between.  

In History we have explored modern day toys. Everyone brought in a modern day toy from home and we talked about what materials they were made from, how they work and how they move. We filmed each other creating  our own 'blog' about our toy!

We also learned the historical word ‘evidence’ and what this means. We learned that we can find facts from the past by speaking to people older than us, visiting museums, researching on the internet and by reading non-fiction books.  


Everyone has logged on to Purple Mash and learned how to open a ‘to do’. One has been set for your child to complete this week at home. Please don’t forget to ‘hand in’ when you’ve finished so we can see your wonderful work!  


Also coming home with your child this week you will find a username and password for Education City. This is an online platform with lots of resources and games to support your child’s learning at home. Please enjoy logging on and exploring this at home. 


While we were outdoor learning this week, we have checked the weather station. As you can imagine, we had a significant amount of rainfall to investigate! In the forest, the children were tasked to build a den in teams. They worked together really well and some dens were even enhanced with decorative mud and autumn leaves!  


Today we showed our support for Children In Need. They children have loved learning about all the good work Pudsey and Blush do! Thank you for your donations.  


You’ll find a sticker in your child’s diary today with our words of the week. These will change weekly. Please practise spelling them and writing them in sentences at home. You could paint them, draw them in sand, make them out of playdoh, collage them, build them out of Lego or simply write them. Be as creative as you like!  

Week Commencing 8th November


We have continued with our book ‘The Night Box’ this week and began the week discussing what we like about the night. The children have worked hard to say their sentence, hold their sentence and write their sentence. They were challenged to include the word ‘because’ in their sentence. We have talked about the composition of a sentence.

Can you orally rehearse sentences about the night at home and write them with capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and remembering to keep your letters on the line?  


In Maths this week we have been subtracting. Everyone has had a really good go at counting back on a number line. For example, when working out 9-3, we start at nine and count back 3 spaces. Can you make your own number line at home and show your grown-ups how to do this? Then we have been finding the difference when we subtract.

Have a look at the Numberblocks episode ‘What’s the difference?’ which will recap how we find the difference.  


Everyone has enjoyed learning about deciduous and evergreen trees in Science this week. Ask your child how we know the difference .We then learnt about the difference parts of a tree.

Take a look at the trees you can see from your bedroom window. Are they deciduous or evergreen? Can you draw them at home and label the different parts? 


In computing, the children have been learning how to open a ‘to-do’ on Purple Mash.

Please take the opportunity to log on at home and explore all the different activities that are available. Perhaps you could draw a Poppy to mark Remembrance Day?  


During our outdoor learning this week, we have set up our own weather station! Over the next few weeks we will be measuring rainfall and recording the temperature. We will get back to you with our findings! In the forest the children found different leaves and had to identify them based on their shapes, edges and colours. We found oak, holly and hazel leaves amongst the grounds.  

In PSHE this week, we have looked at homes. We have talked about how everyone’s homes are different and can vary all around the world. We discussed how our home is our safe space where we feel loved and cared for.  


On Thursday we talked about why we wear poppies on Remembrance Day and we observed a minutes silence at 11 o’clock. There is a lovely gentle video on Cbeebies which depicts the meaning of Remembrance Day that you could watch at home during a time of reflection.  


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

Week Commencing 1st November

In English we have started a new book this week… called The Night Box by Louise Greig and Ashling Lindsay. The children have really enjoyed this story and over the next couple of weeks our English learning will be centred on the creativity that this book inspires. This week, everyone has thought about what objects they would put in their night box and we have put these into a poem. Ask your child at home what they have put in theirs, they had some lovely ideas!  

We are trying really hard to sit all our letters on the line and form our letters correctly. It would be great if you could practice this at home.


In Maths this week, we have been learning about subtraction. We have been subtracting by taking away objects, crossing things out and finally looking at how many are left. Towards the end of the week, all the children have been confident using a part-part whole model to support them subtract. We have even looked at reversing the calculation putting the equals sign first, for example, 9-5=4, 5=9-4. They children enjoyed manipulating the numbers to make the calculations. Can you practice this at home?  


Everyone has enjoyed outdoor learning this week. We have talked about being grounds-people and taking care of our environment. In the forest, group 2 learnt the rules of the forest and had their first exploration! They had lots of fun making dens, climbing trees and swinging on the rope swing!  


In PSHE we have talked about our families and how we are lucky to have people in our lives that are special to us and who care about us. We then looked at different families from around the world and discussed how they are similar and different to ours.  

We have also learned about Diwali this week. Ask your child what they know about the festival and take a look online about how other people celebrated.  

All the children created firework art this week. They loved using the bright colours against a dark sky to create a colourful contrast. We have also talked about Bonfire Night and discussed how we can stay safe. 


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for a super first week back after half term.