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Autumn Term 2

Week beginning 4th November


This week we have been enjoying exciting bonfire and firework activities. Mr Clift got the fire pit burning for us so we toasted marshmallows.  We carefully put the marshmallow onto the end of our stick and took it in turns to carefully hold our marshmallow to the fire, they were very sticky and delicious!

We followed a recipe to make firework biscuits. We used coloured icing sugar in piping bags to decorate them. They are so colourful!


In Maths this week we have been learning about the number 3. We watched the Number Blocks episode, ‘Three’ and ‘One, Two, Three’ We used the part part whole model to find the different ways of making 3 and recorded these as additions. We explored triangles which we found out were 3 sided shapes.

At home can you practise finding the different ways of making 3? Can you remember them in your head?


In Literacy this week we have been learning the name and sounds of the letters g and o.

We have used our knowledge of the sounds we have learnt so far to write cvc words, we listened carefully to the sounds in the words and then wrote them using our lovely letter formation.

At home, can you read these words? You could ask someone to read each word and you could either write them using our fantastic letter formation or use your phonics cards to make them.








Week beginning 28th October


What a busy and exciting first week back!


Well done to all the children who completed our first 5 read challenge. Their names are proudly on the first 'up, up and away' balloon!

We started off our week with spooky Halloween activities. We have been counting out creepy crawlies to make witches potions. We have been carving pumpkins and hammering golf tee into them.


Then we learnt all about Diwali with our friends from other classes around school. We made diva lamps, beautiful Rangoli patterns and henna patterns. We have also been learning how to Bollywood dance!