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Autumn Term 1

Week beginning 14th October


Wow! We can not believe our children have been with us for a half term already, doesn't time fly when you're having fun! We hope you all have a lovely break and enjoy spending time with family and friends.


This week the children are bringing home their reading book along with a reading diary, as well as reading at home, please ensure these are in their reading packets each school day so they can read with adults in school throughout the week.


In Maths this week we have been learning about the number 2.  We watched ‘Another One’ and found out what happens when we add another one to 1.  We also explored different ways to represent 2.  We looked around the classroom and discussed what we could see 2 of. We used the part part whole model to find the different ways of making 2.

At home you could draw pictures of everything you can find 2 of.


In Literacy we have been learning the name and sounds of the letters n and p.

We have thought of things that begin with these letters and also blended these sounds and others we know to read words. We have had a go at writing words with the letters we have learnt so far.

At home you could make words using the sounds we have learnt so far:

m a s d t i p n

(e.g. pin, tin, man, tap etc)

Can you read the words? Can you write the words? Remember how we write each sound.




Week beginning 7th October


This week our sounds of the week have been 't' and 'i'. We have learnt to read the sounds and how to form the letters correctly. We have used our sound knowledge to read simple words and even write some words. Our teachers have been very impressed!

At home you could find  the 't' and 'i' sound cards in your pack and use these with the sounds we already know to make some words. Can you practise writing these sounds? Remember to say each letter rhyme to help you.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

In maths, our number of the week has been number 1. We have learnt to read it, write it and how to represent number 1. We have put 1 in a tens frame. We have used the part part whole model to find ways to make 1.

At home you could look for the number 1 when you are out and about. What can you find 1 of?



Picture 1 showing 1 in a ten frame
Picture 2 part part whole 0 + 1 = 1
Picture 3 part part whole 1 + 0 = 1

Week beginning 30th September


This week we have loved sharing our phonics learning with our grown ups. Thank you so much to everyone who came to our phonics sessions. We recapped the sounds m, a, s and d. At home you could practise writing these sounds. If a grown up says it is ok, you could put some flour on a plate and practice forming the letters, remember we start our letters at the bottom and go up...


We had visitors from out of space this week too! The aliens had crash landed whilst looking for underpants. Whilst they were with us they were quite messy! They left lots of underpants that we had to wash and peg on the washing line, there were asteroids that we had to carefully guide the planets around. They even used a little toilet and we spent quite a lot of time using the tweezers to pick up their poop! We didn't even know that alien poop was multi-coloured! We also had to use our construction to build them a new rocket to get home. We had so much fun.

We are looking forward to next week to continue our exciting learning. 

Week beginning 23rd September


We have had another wonderful week in Reception! We have started to learn some phonics this week and have learnt four new sounds – m, a, s, d. We have learnt what they sound like, what they look like and how to write them. Can you practise writing these sounds and spot things around your home that start with these sounds? Ask your grown up to make a list of all the things you find! We are looking forward to revisiting these sounds as part of our parental engagement sessions next week.


We have also enjoyed our learning outside this week! We are now able to put an outdoor suit on and our wellies all by ourselves. We are so proud! As the weather is getting colder we are asking children to zip up their coats for our playtimes and lunchtimes. Please can you practise this with your child if they are finding their coat zips a little tricky?

We look forward to another super week in Reception next week!


This half term we will be focusing on learning the sounds of the letters, how to form them correctly and how to blend them together to help to read.



This half term we will start to learn our numbers, we will learn to read, count, write and begin to understand the value of numbers.

Week beginning 16th September


We have had another super week in Reception! Well done to everyone for settling in so well and enjoying exploring the learning activities in our classrooms.

This week, we have enjoyed exploring lots of ways to mark make. We used sticks in sand to make lots of different shapes, getting us ready to write! Can you mark make at home and bring us in a photo? Maybe you could paint, draw, colour? We would love to see!

We have also explored our outside area lots making the most of the gorgeous sunshine! Have a look at some photos below to see us learning and having lots of fun.

Next week will bring lots of new fun learning opportunities and we look forward to you joining us week beginning 30th October for our phonics parental engagement sessions. In the meantime, if there is anything you need, please ask any member of the team!

We have had a fun first full week in school. Our teachers are very proud of how we are settling into school life.

Our first few days in Reception. We are looking forward to our new friends joining us next week!