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Autumn Term 1

Week Commencing 18th October 


This week has been the last week of our focus book ‘oi frog’. The children have really enjoyed these books and we hope they have shared their enthusiasm for rhyming words with you at home. We had planned our own animals for our own stories last week so this week we got to use our super ideas! We have written our own amazing sentences which make our very own stories. Well done everyone!   


In Maths, we have been using our number bonds to 10. The children are getting very confident with this now and we are super proud! Have you practiced this at home? We have been giving the children the whole (10) and showing them one part (e.g. 6). They have then been working out what the missing part is. It would be lovely for your child to show you how we model this and they could even create a missing number part-part-whole for you!  


During Science this week we have found out what food we get from different animals. Ask your child what they know about this. They went on to plan a meal for a herbivore! Perhaps over the holidays you could take a trip to the farm to see other animals and learn what food they produce.  


We know everyone enjoyed the spooky games and dancing at the Halloween Disco this week and we hope you all have fangtastic fun celebrating at home too!  


Over the holidays we would like you to continue to read your reading books, practice your phonics wherever possible i.e. making spooky Halloween signs for your home, writing shopping lists, being a phoneme spotter when you’re out and about.  


Thank you for a wonderful first half-term with us in Year One and your ongoing support! We hope you have a wonderful half term holiday and look forward to seeing you on Monday 1st November.

Week Commencing 11th October


In English this week we have prepared to write our own story! The children have thought of their own characters. They have been challenged to think of an animal sitting on an object but the words have to rhyme, for example, a goat sitting on a coat. This is following their love for the ‘oi’ books we have shared in class over the past few weeks. Ask your child what animals they have chosen to have in their story.  


In Maths, the children have explored fact families. They have looked at addition within 10 and found different ways to build a number, for example, 0+6=6, 1+5=6, 2+4=6 etc. Can you do these at home and spot a pattern? Some children have found it helpful to use a part-part whole model to do this. Your child can show you what this looks like at home.  Can you systematically find all the ways to make 10? Remember to start with 0 + 10 = 10. 


We have been looking for signs of autumn in our outdoor area. Can you talk about this at home and spot some signs of autumn around our local area? If you find anything you’d like to share, please bring it in to add to our autumn tray.  


In Geography this week, hedgehogs and squirrels have drawn a map for Frog’s home (linking to the book ‘Oi Frog’). They have all used positional and directional language to describe their maps.  


Thank you for your support and donations for our harvest bake this week. All our children loved this autumnal activity! 



Week Commencing 4th October


In English, we began the by sequencing the story of ‘Oi Frog’. We particularly enjoyed looking at the rhyming words in the story and even came up with our own suggestions of what the animals could sit on. We then started the story ‘Oi Dog’ where the frog is now in charge! We talked about the rules in the story and how it is important to have rules in different parts of our lives. The children enjoyed playing snakes and ladders… following the rules of course! Finally this week we started to learn about adjectives. Can you use adjectives to describe the things around your home? Make a list and bring them in to share.  


It was wonderful to see you at our Phonics parental engagement session this week. We hope you enjoyed this experience with your child and can take some ideas of how to support your child with their phonics at home.  


Our Maths learning this week has been all about numbers. We have sequenced numbers, ordered numbers and explored them on a number line. Can you make a number line to 20 at home and bring it in to share? We have also started to learn about ordinal numbers.  


In Science this week the children have explored sorting animals into different criteria. They have sorted them into herbivores and carnivores. Ask your child what this means. Can they give you an example? 


All the children have been logged onto purple mash this week. They have created a picture and saved it. Can you log on at home, create something exciting and save it? We can then open it at school and share it with our class.   


In PSHE this week we have talked about growing up. We discussed what it was like being a baby, and now a child and what we think it will be like when we are adults.  


Have a lovely weekend everyone! We can’t wait to celebrate your home learning! 

Week Commencing 27th September 


This week in English we have written about frogs after reading our book, ‘Oi Frog’. We have worked really hard on sounding each word and saying our sentence before we write it. This is a really helpful tool to have as we begin to extend our sentences and write more. Can you practice this at home too? Ask your child to say the sentence that they are going to write before they start to write. Then remind them to keep checking what they have written so they know what word comes next.  


Everyone has settled very well into their phonics groups and we have been spotting digraphs in our reading and using them in our writing. Ask your child what sounds they have learnt this week.  


In Maths, we have been using the symbols for greater than and less than. Ask your child to show you what these are and challenge them at home to think of a greater/smaller number than you.  


This week in Art, all the children have experienced drawing figures. This has built upon our sketching skill which we are now experts in!  

In computing, every child now knows how to log in using their username and create a picture. Ask your child what they drew on the laptops. They then all learnt to save this work.  

We have also been to the forest and explored our outdoor area this week... despite the weather!  In the forest we have been 'whittling' sticks, ready for our session next week. Mrs Richardson and Mrs Marshall we so pleased with our resilience and how safe we were using the tools.

In PSHE we have looked at how we grow. Can you talk at home about the different generations in your family? 


A polite reminder, please ensure you are listening to your child read at home and recording this in the reading diary.  


We look forward to seeing you at our phonics session on Thursday.  


Thank you for your support. 

Week Commencing 20th September 


Wow! Another busy week in Year 1!  

We have been counting lots in maths. We have counted forwards and backwards every day! We have also looked at what is one more and one less than a given number. For example, one more than 7 is 8, one less than 7 is 6. Please ask your child to show you this at home.  

At the beginning of the week in English we made chocolate crispy cakes… yum! Through the week the children have written instructions on how to make them. We have looked carefully at how our sentences start with a capital letter and talked about how a capital letter is taller than other letters. Can you practice this at home, for example, when writing their name encourage your child to make sure the capital letter is much taller.  

We have loved being creative this week! Our sketching skills are developing week on week in Art and in music we have been learning to find the beat in a song. Can you clap along to the beat in your favourite songs at home?  

All the children have enjoyed our outdoor activities this week and one group ventured over to the forest for the first time! Our other outdoor groups went to plant some bulbs ready for Spring.  

A polite reminder to all families to read with your child at home as much as you can. Their reading books will be changed on their guided reading day. Thank you. 

Well done everyone!

Week commencing 13th September.


We started the week walking around our school grounds saying a 'hello' to our animals after a lovely summer holidays. We then went back into our classroom to write and draw the animals we saw. 


In maths we have been counting carefully. How far can you count at home? Can you collect up to 10 items at home and count them carefully? As your child to arrange them as they would on a tens frame and say the rhyme 'we count five in a row and go below'. 


We have ventured up to the top of our outdoor area this week and all the children absolutely loved it! We took a look at our year group sugar maple tree and explored all the learning areas we have to explore. 


In science, we enjoyed classifying at a variety of animals. Ask us how we know if an animal is a mammal or not. Can you research this further at home? Have a look at some mammals in their habitats online or enjoy some non-fiction books. We'd love to know what you find out! 


In Art this week we sketched in our sketch books. We explored different pencils and how we can add texture. 


In Computing, we have been learning to log in to Purple Mash and we have started to create our own avatar.


Take a look at our photos from the week! 


Week commencing 5th September.


Well done everyone for your first week in Year One! We are so proud of how well you have settled in! Everyone has looked so smart and ready for our new learning adventure in Year One! 


We have spent this week exploring our new classrooms and have loved learning through play in all the new areas... how exciting! 


We have also enjoyed learning a new art skill this week. We have been shading using different pencils and looking carefully at the different tones they make. 


Everyone has explored the play equipment outside and been eager to try the climbing frame! Can we remind all parents that this is not for use before or after school. 


We have sent everyone home with reading books today and we will change these throughout the week.


We are looking forward to another week with our lovely hedgehogs and squirrels next week! Have a lovely weekend everyone!