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Autumn 2 - Toy Story!

This half term our topic is

'Toy Story'


Week ending 19th December 2014

Well, what a busy week we have had!

Our 'Baubles' performance, our magical trip to Turton Tower and our Christmas party. It's no wonder we are all so tired!




Week ending 12th December 2014


We have had a busy week this week!

In Literacy we have been retelling the story of'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey. Our teachers are very proud of our writing.

In Numeracy we have been measuring how many spoonfuls of rice fill each container. We found out which container held the most and which container held the least.

We have started our Christmas activities, we have made a snowman garland and our Christmas cards.

We had a very special afternoon on Thursday. We watched a performance of Peter Pan. It was so exciting!


Week ending 5th December 2014


In Numeracy this week we have been weighing different objects using balance scales. We have been comparing things to see which are heavier and lighter. We have been weighng objects using cubes. Do you have any scales at home we could weigh with?


Some of us were writing our own number lines to 100. Look how long they were!


In Literacy we have been writing our story plan for'Toys in Space'. We are getting ready to retell the story next week.


In topic this week we have been very busy.

We have been finding out more about toys from different eras.


We have been making our own Hoctopize alien from our story 'Toys in Space'. We used a rubber glove and stuck bits on the make him look like the creature.



Outside we had a challenge - we had to build our own go-kart! We didn't even get any help from the adults. We worked as a team and worked out which parts we could use to build our go-kart. We had lots of fun whizzing around the playground when we had built them.


Week ending 28th November 2014


In Numeracy this week we have been using our maths skills to solve problems involving adding and subtracting. I had 10 teddies, I now only have 4, how many have I lost? Can you ask us some more problems to solve?


In Literacy a new character has appeared in our story. We have been describing it and predicting why he was crying.


We had a visitor this week. Jane from 'History Alive' came and brought lots of old toys to show us. Jane even let us play with them. Look through our pictures below. Do you know what any of the toys are?


We dressed up in Victorian clothes.

We dressed up in Victorian clothes.





















Week ending 21st November 2014


In Numeracy this week we have been learning to use a number line to add and take away. We have found out that when we add we count on and when we subtract we count back.

If you give us 2 numbers to add or subtract, we will show you how we can use a numberline.


In Literacy we have been thinking about how the toys in our story have been feeling when the spaceship came. We imagined we were the toys in the story and talked about what we saw, what we heard, what we smelt and how we felt.

Ask us about our toy and what we saw, heard, smelt and how we felt.


In topic we have been finding out about Queen Victoria. We are looking forward to our visitors next week hopefully bringing some Victorian toys for us to play with.

Can you tell us about toys you used to play with?

We have been working with our friends to make dens in the playground.

Can we build dens at home, please?


It has been raining today so we had to make our dens in our cloakroom!

We have been designing our puppets that we are going to make over the coming weeks.

We had a practise with a needle and thread. It was quite tricky.


Week ending 14th November 2014


This week we have been finding out about odd and even numbers. We have also been finding out about 1 digit, 2 digit and 3 digit numbers. We have been partitioning numbers too. We know that 64 is 60 and 4.

In Literacy we have lost some toys! We have made some wanted posters describing the toys, in the hope that we are able to find them.


We have been turning ourselves into toys and our friends have had to guess what toy we were acting.

Can we guess what some of the toys might be?


In Topic we have been making our own finger puppets and board games.

We have been following instructions to make a rain stick.


We have been experimenting with cars and ramps.

We have been finding out:

Does varying the car make a difference to how far the car travels?


Does varying the height of the ramp make a difference to how far the car travels?




Week ending 7th November 2014


This week we have had so much fun sharing our favourite toys and explaining how we play with them.

We have found out about Bonfire Night and who Guy Fawkes was. We have made our own fireworks.


In Literacy we have been reading Firework poems and we used nouns and verbs to write our own.

In Numeracy we have been finding out about the different vocabulary we can use when we add and subtract. ( plus, minus etc.)

We have been learning ordinal numbers.