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Autumn 2

Week Beginning 16th December 2019 - Christmas week!

This week has been filled with Christmas cheer, crafts, writing, dancing and fun! The children started the week by recreating their very own nativity scenes out of cereal boxes. They did this after listening to the story of Christmas and learning about why it is celebrated and who celebrates it.

After listening to the story, the children worked very hard to re-tell the story and write their own versions. The story language that the children used in their writing was phenomenal! We were very impressed! 


On Thursday, we enjoyed our wonderful party day! The children made lots of Christmas crafts in the morning such as their own angels, paintings and colouring pictures. The children made their Christmas cards for their family members and we really hope that you like them! In the afternoon, we had a party with lots of games and dancing. Then, Father Christmas visited us in the hall and we all got a special present each! We were very excited!


On Friday, we loved continuing our festive fun by making lots Christmas items and singing Christmas songs. We also set up our very own cinema in the classrooms and loved eating popcorn and watching Christmas films!


All the year 2 team would like to thank all the children for their incredibly hard work over the first term together, you have all been fantastic and worked your socks off! We would also like to thank all of the children's special grown ups for their support and their kindness. We have received lots of cards and gifts and we appreciate them lots!


Have a fun filled, exciting, magical Christmas and we will see you all in the new year for a brilliant 2020!! :)

Week Beginning 9th December 2019

What a busy week spreading Christmas joy! This week, the year 2 children have been incredibly sensible when they have visited Windsor Road Community Centre on Tuesday to sing Christmas songs to the elderly, before sharing juice and biscuits and having a good chat! The grown ups at the community centre were blown away by the children's singing and impeccable manners. On Tuesday, we also enjoyed visiting Eagley Juniors to watch the dress rehearsal of their Christmas nativity. They put on a wonderful show and the year 2 children enjoyed visiting the junior school. On Thursday, we visited Bromley Cross library and lots of parents joined us to watch the children sing some of their nativity songs. The children were yet again, wonderfully behaved and sang beautifully. Well done everyone!


This week has also been a busy week of performances. The KS1 children enjoyed performing their 'Wriggly Nativity' twice on Wednesday and twice on Thursday afternoon. We hope you agree that they put on a fantastic show! The children worked so hard to learn their songs, lines and jobs and we are proud of each and every one of them. You are all stars!


This week the children have done some fantastic writing about the naughty elf Barry in class B and Frank in class A! They have written diary entries about what the elves have been getting up to each day.


Finally, as it is the last week before Christmas, there will be no spelling test this week, however we are still encouraging children to read 5 times as part of the 5 read challenge.


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a final week of Christmas festivities, learning and fun! Have a happy weekend.

Week Beginning 25th November

This week we have had a fun week practising for our Christingle Service on Monday. We have learned lots of songs to sing for you and have enjoyed learning all about what Christingle is and who celebrates it. 


In Maths we have become multiplication wizards! We learned that the word multiplication can means' groups of.' We have been fantastic at learning about repeated addition and how it can be made much simpler by changing it into a multiplication. For example, we learned that 2+2+2+2+2=10 but its much easier to write 5X2=10 which means '5 groups of 2 equals 10.'

Can you simplify these repeated addition problems at home?

3+3+3+3=___  OR  ___X___=____

10+10+10+10+10+10=___  OR  ___X___=___

5+5+5+5=___ OR ___X___=___


In English we have been learning all about subordination using the words 'if, when, because and that.' The children have been super at putting these into sentences as well as creating their own sentences. We then made thaumatropes in our topic lesson which the children really enjoyed. We then wrote a set of instructions about how we made them in English.

Can you write a set of instructions about how to make your breakfast? Bring them into school, we would love to read them!


Finally, our spellings for next week are:

1. tiny

2. tinier

3. tiniest

4. fuzzy

5. fuzzier

6. fuzziest

7. lucky

8. luckier

9. luckiest


Have a super weekend, keep reading every night!

Week Beginning 18th November 2019

This week we have been busy in Maths recapping all of our new Maths knowledge from year 2! We have continued to use equipment to look at inverse relationships between addition and subtraction problems and we are now very good at this! We have looked lots at place value this week, as well as using number lines to plot specific numbers. Our number lines went up in different amounts such as 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's! 


In English, we have looked lots at comprehension. We have read a non-fiction text and used the text to answer questions. The children were encouraged to read the text carefully and highlight where the answer might come from. We also looked at a fiction text and the children read this carefully before answering questions about it. Understanding the text/books that you are reading is incredibly important and is something we are working hard to keep getting better at. Can you practise answering questions about your reading books at home? 


In topic we have done lots of computing this week. The Magic Toymaker asked the children to make brochures about toys. The children had to insert their own pictures using clipart onto their booklet, before writing/typing about the toys they had chosen. We wrote about our toys, toys that our parents used to play with and even toys that our grandparents would have played with! We also learned about coding and algorithms this week. The children did this by creating their own game, where they had to give a set of instructions to their chosen character. 


Finally, spellings are very important and we ask that you practise these at home as often as possible. The spellings this week are:

1. worry

2. worried

3. supply

4. supplied

5. apply

6. applied

7. reply

8. replied

9. fry

10. fried


Have a super weekend!


Week Beginning 11th November 2019


This year the children have worked really hard. In Maths we have been practising subtracting two digit numbers. The children do this by partitioning the number into tens and ones. First they subtract the ones, then they subtract the tens. The children were very good at this. We have also been learning about inverse relationships in Maths. For example, if we know 6+7=13, then we also know 7+6=13, 13-6=7 and 13-7=6. The children are doing really well with this and we are going to practise it some more next week. Can you practise at home? There are sums below, can you make the other addition and subtraction problems with them?

1. 12+4=16

2. 8+4=12

3. 7+4=11

4. 9+6=15


In English, we have been learning all about past and present tense. The children have practised fixing sentences with a word in the wrong tense! For example, they have read sentences such as 'yesterday, I opening my book' and changed it to 'yesterday, I opened my book.'

Can you practise changing sentences from present tense to past tense?


When we visited the war memorial this week, the children behaved wonderfully! We are all incredibly proud of how sensible they were along the walk. When we arrived at the war memorial, we held a two minute silence before singing our song of peace. Some children read some beautiful poems too. Well done boys and girls!


Please work hard to practise our spellings for next week. More and more children are getting 10/10 so keep up the hard work!

The spellings this week are:

1. bunny

2. bunnies

3. fli

4. flies

5. hurry

6. hurries

7. dry

8. dries

9. reply

10. replies


Finally, thank you for your kind donations towards children in need! The children had a wonderful time sharing their stories with their friends and their teddies. Have a happy weekend!

Week beginning 4th November


This week we have been very busy!

We all had a go at writing our own firework poems using adjectives such as zooming, popping and banging. We also included adverbs such as loudly, quickly and wildly. We then performed our fireworks to our friends. Everybody enjoyed hearing the poems.

In maths we have been learning more about addition, we used column addition to solve our equations. 

In the afternoons we have learned about Remembrance Day and painted poppy pictures which are now displayed in the classroom. We also compared playground games from the past and today and then created our own pictures based on playground games today.


Well done to our superstar spellers this week. Please ensure spelling books are kept in your child's reading packet ready for Friday.

Spellings this week are -













Week Beginning 28th October 2019


Welcome back to a fun filled week after half term! This week we started the week by doing lots of Halloween learning. In Maths, we have been looking at different ways to represent numbers and counting the tens and ones in each number. We did this with a Halloween twist! We counted things such as pumpkins and sweets and partitioned numbers on spiders.


In English we have been busy writing our own magic potions! We loved writing our own recipes, learning how to use bullet points to make a list of ingredients. Next we wrote our own instructions using adverbs in each one. For example, 1. Carefully pour the slime into the pot.

The children loved writing their own recipes and have done a wonderful job. Can you write a recipe at home for one of your favourite meals?


This week we have also been busy learning about Diwali. We have done this as a whole school and moved around all the different classrooms in school. When we visited Reception we loved learning about some special dancing. When we visited year 1, we made our own Diya lamps. Finally, in year 2 we made our own symmetrical rangoli patterns using shapes! It has been a wonderful and busy first week back.


Well done to our super star spellers this week. Please can everyone make sure that spellings books and reading diaries are brought to school each day. We have new spellings to learn this week which are:

1. animal

2. cereal

3. total

4. metal

5. canal

6. material

7. musical

8. crystal

9. equal


Have a wonderful weekend!