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Autumn 2

Week beginning 22nd November

We have really enjoyed exploring more Nursery Rhymes this week. We have played with 5 Little Speckled Frogs, Incy Wincy Spider, Polly's kettle and 5 fat sausages. In our creative work we have created sheep pictures. 


In our phonics learning this week we have been learning how to rhyme. We made silly rhymes up about Humpty Dumpty such as Humpty Dumpty wore a red hat, Humpty Dumpty stroked the cat. Perhaps you could try some silly rhymes at home.


In our number learning we have been counting forwards and backwards to and from 5 through singing 5 little men in a flying saucer, 5 little ducks and 5 little speckled frogs. You could practise these songs at home.

Week beginning 15th November

This week we have been learning about hibernation and woodland animals. We learnt that some animals sleep for longer than others. We have made dens, thinking carefully about how each animal prepares its home ready for the winter. We listened to a story about animals sharing a home and we thought about things that we can share with our friends. 


In our phonics learning this week we have listened to sound stories and we have continued to count syllables in our names. In maths we have been learning and using positional language such as under, next to, on top, behind and in front. 


This week we have enjoyed singing lots of Nursery Rhymes as part of Nursery Rhyme Week. We have had so much fun singing them that we are going to continue singing more Nursery Rhymes next week. 


On Friday we enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need. We learnt how Children in Need help children and their families and how people do lots of fun things to raise money for the charity. As part of the day we coloured pictures of Pudsey, made Pudsey headbands and danced to Children in Need songs.  

Week beginning 8th November

This week we have been learning about Diwali. We have learnt that it is a Hindu festival and that people celebrate with their families, eating lots of nice food and dancing and exchanging presents. We looked at pictures of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and we learnt that Diwali is the festival of light. As part of our activities this week we have made diva lamps out of clay, Diwali cards and Rangoli patterns. We have also been dancing and singing a song about Diwali. 


In our phonics learning we have been listening to and identifying sounds and counting syllables in our names and in other words. In mathematics we have been learning about pattern and we have explored and made our own repeating patterns. 


Next week is National Nursery Rhyme week. At home you could see how many Nursery Rhymes you know and maybe learn a new one too!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Week beginning 1st November

Welcome back everyone! The children have settled into school confidently after the half term break and have enjoyed a wonderful week of fun and exciting activities. This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We have been developing our vocabulary by describing fireworks in different ways and we have learnt about how people celebrate Bonfire Night. In our activities we have been making firework pictures and we have made toffee apples. They were delicious! We have loved learning a new song about Bonfire Night and importantly we have thought about how we can stay safe at Bonfire celebrations. 


As part of our phonics learning this week we have listened to a sound lotto. We were very good at identifying the different sounds we heard. As part of our maths lessons we learnt about circles and squares. We talked about the edges on circles and squares using words such as curved and straight, and we counted the edges and corners. We then went on a shape hunt around the room and found circles and squares in lots of different areas. 


Have happy and safe Bonfire Night everyone. See you next week!