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Autumn 2

Christmas Week!

Wow, we have been so busy over the last week and a half, it's hard to know where to begin!!

We have been busy following the adventures of our cheeky elves, Alan and Greg! We have written about what they have gotten up to and loved seeing the different things they have done each day.


We have continued with phonics every single day, keeping the letter sounds refreshed in our memories, practising letter formation and blending sounds together. Please read as often as possible over your Christmas period and practise your child's phonics keyrings!


We have been very busy with our nativity performance which we hope you all loved. You should now have received your child's DVD if you ordered one. The children worked incredibly hard to put this performance on for you and we are all incredibly proud of how well they have done at such a young age!


We have loved making Christmas cards, calendars and creating lots of Christmas pictures that we have taken home in our special bags. We hope you loved all the things we have made. Christmas crafts day was lots of fun, we made reindeer food, hot chocolate cones, decorated biscuits and decorated our special bags!


Finally, we loved party day! We had hot chocolate, biscuits, played games, danced, had competitions and even had a special party lunch! It has been an amazing run up to Christmas and we hope your children have loved every second of it. The children have worked so hard over the last half term and it has been such a busy half term, we hope you are all looking forward to a well deserved break with your loved ones! Please stay safe over half term and we look forward to seeing you in the new year. 


Just in case... please check that you have your child's Purple Mash login at the front of their reading diaries, EVERY child should now have one. You will need this to be able to logon to Microsoft Teams. Please email myself, Miss Holdsworth or Miss Smith if you are unsure of your child's login.


Thank you all for any gifts, cards and well wishes you have sent our way. We are so proud of your amazing children over their first full term in Reception, we hope you celebrate their amazing success! Merry Christmas everyone! 

Week Beginning 29th November 2021

This week has been filled with singing, nativity rehearsals, sledging and crazy elves!

We started the week on a snowy Monday so decided to make the most of the weather and go seldging on the school field. The children absolutely loved doing this and loved playing and exploring in the snow. 


On Wednesday 1st December two elves came to visit us! The Busy Bee class has an elf named Greg and the Brilliant Butterfly class has an elf named Alan! They have done lots of cheeky things such as spray painting the windows and throwing toilet roll all over the classroom. The children have loved having the elves and have been busy writing letters to them.


In phonics we have learned the letter 'f' this week. We also learned that 'ff' makes the same sound but is often used at the end of words such as huff, puff, stuff etc...

You can logon to to have a go at this weeks 'f' homework!


In Maths we have been very busy, we have learned about number 9 and number 10! We have learned all about the composition of both numbers and have used part-part-whole models to explore different ways of making each number. We learned that 9 is an odd number whilst 10 is even.


If your child is an angel or a musician in the nativity, can we please kindly remind you that we will need their costume in school in a named bag by Monday 6th December. This is because we are filming our nativity later in the week for the DVD's. Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

Week Beginning 22nd November 2021

What another busy week as we start to prepare for our Christmas Nativity over the next few weeks!

This week we have learned all about number 8 in maths. We learned all about the different ways of making 8 and wrote lots of addition and subtraction number sentences! We learned that 'oct' represents 8 of something and we looked at 'octoblock', 'octonaut' and 'octagon.'


In phonics we have learned the letter sounds 'h' and 'b.' We practised reading and writing words such as bat, had, hat, bad, hand, band etc... Can you practise writing your new sounds at home and practise recognising them on your keyring? You can also do the 'h' and 'b' homework learning on Education City by visiting and using your child's login (it is stapled to the front of their reading diary).

In phonics, we have also learned to read and write the common exception words 'I' and 'the' that cannot be sounded out. We used these words in literacy to begin learning how to write short simple sentences. The children practised writing sentences such as 'I can hop.' We discussed all the different components of a sentence and the children are working extremely hard to write them independently! We learned about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


In topic we have been learning about the Christmas story and have begun to learn our nativity songs! Can your children sing any of the songs to you at home? We are beginning to allocate parts in our nativity and it is very exciting, the children cannot wait to perform for you! 


We have also been learning about an artist called 'Andy Goldsworthy' and have looked at lots of art that he has created in nature before going outside and working in partners to create our own! Have a look at some of the art we created outdoors in the pictures below.

Week Beginning 15th November 2021

This week has been nursery rhyme week, therefore in literacy we learned about a new nursery rhyme each day. When we learned about each nursery rhyme, we practised a different skill! For example, we looked at rhyming words, clapping syllables and even story language as we turned the nursery rhyme 'Miss Polly had a Dolly' into a story!


In phonics we have learned the sound 'r' as well as our first common exception word! A common exception word is a word that cannot be sounded out as it doesn't follow the spelling rules. This weeks common exception word is 'to.' Can you practise recognising and writing the word 'to' at home?

You can also practise the new 'r' sound on Education City -

Simply use your child's login details from the front of their reading diary, click 'homework' and then click on this weeks phonics homework! 


In Maths we have been learning all about number 7! We have focussed lots on recognising 1 more than and 1 less than a number up to 7. We showed how this can be written in a number sentence using +1 and -1. 


In topic we have begun our history learning all about ourselves. We looked at babies and compared them to 4 year olds, discussing  how we had changed as we have grown up. Next week we will be creating our own timelines which is why we need your child's baby and toddler photographs! Busy Bee class can send their photographs to and Brilliant Butterfly class can send their photographs to


In our topic afternoons we have also been exploring the world around us and discussing how the world was created. We discussed how people of different religions believe different things about how the world was created. We will be exploring Christianity this half term and learning about the beliefs of a Christian.


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Week Beginning 8th November 2021

Well done everyone for your super hard work again this week!


In phonics we have been learning the sounds 'e' and 'u.' We have practised forming the letters correctly using our rhymes.

e - chop off the top and scoop out the egg.

u - down and under the umbrella, back down to the puddle.


Phonics homework

You have all been given an Education City login, it is stapled to the front of your child's reading diary and you received an A4 letter with helpful tips on how to use the website on Thursday. Using your child's login details there is homework that you can complete via the Education City website.

Please login and click 'homework' followed by this weeks 'phonics homework' link. This will really help your child with their reading and writing in school.


In maths we have learned about number 6. We learned 6 is an even number as we can share it into two groups of 3. We learned all about the composition of 6 and found out all the different ways of making 6 e.g. 4+2, 5+1, 3+3 etc... We learned about the composition of 6 in lots of different ways, using part whole models, tens frames and even using interlocking cubes.


In topic we have been busy making puppets to use in our wonderful puppet theatre! The children created their own character, designed, painted, glittered and collaged it to their liking. We have been using them throughout the week to make our own puppet shows. 

We have also been busy outside working as a team to create obstacle courses using the large construction materials. Once we designed the obstacle course, we gave instructions to our friend to help them complete it. Some children even completed them blindfolded!

Finally, we have been learning about Remembrance day and why children have been bringing in money to buy poppies. We even made our own poppies to display in class.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Week Beginning 1st November 2021

Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a restful and happy week off. Our first week back at school has certainly been a busy one!


In phonics we have been learning the new sounds 'c', 'k' and 'ck.' We learned that all 3 variations make the same sound but can look very different! We practised writing CVC words with our new sounds such as cat and kit. We also looked at the 'ck' sound that we often see at the end of words and practised words such as sick, sock, dock, pick etc...


Your child has now got an Education City login stapled to the front of their reading diary. You could visit this website and use your child's login to recap and practise their phonics learning from this week. Please click on 'homework' and then 'phonics c k' and you will be able to take part in the activities. 


In Maths, we have been learning all about number 5. We have learned about different ways to make number 5 such as 4+1, 3+2 and even 2+2+1. We also learned that number 5 is an odd number because it cannot be shared into 2 groups equally!


In Literacy, we have been reading the story 'The Fox Factor' and have been discussing ways to become superstars! We all discussed what our talents are and have been practising lots of name writing in stars and on clapperboards! We even have a stage role play that the children have been creating their own performances on.


In the afternoons we have been busy learning about Diwali and bonfire night. The children have learned all about the festival of light and have even made their own diva lamps. We have also been completing some firework art using paints and black paper, they look wonderful! Finally, we have also been learning a bonfire night song that you could ask your child to sing for you. Next week, they are adding to their song by adding musical instruments.


Have a lovely weekend everybody!