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Autumn 2

Week beginning 7.12.20

This week we have continued to practice our new sounds j,v,x,w. We are now starting to read and write some slightly longer words such as 'stop' and 'sand' and 'nest.' Can you practice making CVCC words at home using your phonics keyrings? You could also practice writing Christmas lists at home, sounding out the words!


In Maths we have recapped our learning about number 9 and even learned all about number 10 this week! This completes our number 1-10 learning! We have learned all about how number 10 fills a tens frame as well as ordered numbers from 1-10 and solved missing number problems. After Christmas we will begin to learn about size, weight and capacity as well as use our numbers 1-10 to learn number bonds and doubling facts!


In topic we have finished learning about the Christmas story and have finished filming a nativity that we can't wait to show you very soon! We have also been learning how to safely use a hockey stick in PE, dribbling the ball between cones!


Just a few quick reminders for our busy Christmas week next week:

Wednesday - Non-uniform day (FaFoE Festive Fun Day)

Thursday - Non-uniform party day

Friday - Final day finishing an hour early (2:20pm)


Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you so much for your kind Christmas messages!

Week Beginning 30.11.20

We have had a wonderful week of learning new letter sounds and new numbers and even two cheeky elves visiting our classroom!


In Maths we have been learning about number 8 and number 9. We have worked in pairs with our friends to count out different amounts and then try to share them equally to discover if they were odd or even numbers! We learned that even numbers can be shared equally into 2 groups and odd numbers can't!


In Literacy we have read the story Alien Tea on Planet Zum Zee, we linked this to phonics where we have been learning letter sounds x,j,v,w. We have used these sounds to write a list of food we might need for our own alien tea party! Using your phonics cards at home, can you make new words using your new sounds? You could practice reading and writing words such as 'box' and 'van.'


In topic we linked our alien tea party to some learning about healthy eating. We loved learning about different foods being good for our bodies and then we even tried some healthy foods ourselves. We loved trying fruits such as peaches, pineapples, kiwis and even lemons! We described how the fruits tasted and the lemons were very sour!

Week Beginning 23.11.20

Wow, what a busy week we have had! This week we have been recapping all of our phonics sounds that we have learned to date. We have been practising using these sounds to make words and even have a go at writing some lists! First we listened to the story 'Whatever Next' and wrote a list of food that Bear took to the moon for a picnic! The children loved listening to this story and have enjoyed playing and making picnics. We have then made shopping lists for items we wanted to have at our party!


In Maths we have learned all about number 7. We learned about different ways to make 7 and then started to learn about the concept 'one more than' and 'one less than.' We learned all about adding 1 more item and taking 1 item away. The children are very good at this and are beginning to say one more or one less than a given number without even looking at a number line! Well done everyone! Can you count out your toys at home and add 1 more toy and take 1 toy away?


In topic we have loved baking this week! We learned all about measuring out different amounts. The children enjoyed talking about the process of baking and how the ingredients change as we add different things. We hope you all enjoyed the yummy biscuits!

We have also enjoyed making rockets using the large construction items outside. This has been a brilliant activity to encourage communication and language skills as well as teamwork! The children worked together to move the large construction items and decide where the different pieces were going to go!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!