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Autumn 2

We are really impressed with the progress your children are making whilst using reading eggs. We are enjoying seeing the certificates the children are proudly bringing in to share with us!

Please continue access our reading eggs website using the login details on your child's diary. 


Class Teacher email:




Week beginning 9th November


We have had a fabulous Friday in school this week! We were very excited to come into school in our PJ's and Pudsey and Blush clothes to help raise money for BBC Children in Need. We have found out about the things the charity does for children. We were very proud to be a part of it!


We also had a brilliant time having a party to celebrate with those children who had a birthday in September, October and so far in November. We are looking forward to celebrating more birthdays at the end of November. 

In English we wrote instructions:


‘How to make honey biscuits.’


We thought about the order we did things in. We used ‘bossy’ words such as ‘mix’, ‘stir’, ‘put’, etc.


At home you could write instructions;


How to make a jam sandwich.

How to wash your hands.

How to cross the road safely.


Remember each instruction needs to be numbered and begin with a 'bossy' word!


In phonics:


Read, Orange and Yellow group have been continuing to learn the sounds ai, ee, igh and oa. We have read words, written words and sentences containing these sounds.

You can practice these sounds here: - the oo sound - the ar sound - the or sound the ur sound


We have also continued to learn to read and write the tricky words:

we, be, me, he, she, my, they, was, her and all


You can practice these here: Phase 3 tricky words


Green group have been recapping the sounds from Phase 2. We have been reading and writing words containing these sounds, next week we will move to Phase 3.

We have also continued to learn to read and write the tricky words I, a, go, no, to, into, the.

You can practice these sounds here:


At home you could practice your reading books and see if you can find the sounds of the week or tricky words in your books.


In Maths we have been learning to subtract by crossing out and counting how many are left. We have also been finding the 8 calculations for fact families:


At home you could find the 8 facts to make these numbers: