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Autumn 2

Week beginning 14th December

Wow! We have had such a busy and exciting week. We have had lots of fun and lots of treats. We have watched a pantomime which was called Sleeping Beauty. We have had 2 party days where we have played lots of games and we even had a special message and a present from Santa. We have had a wonderful time and we hope that you enjoy looking at the photographs from our party day. 


Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Week beginning 7th December

What a busy week we have had. We have been singing lots of Christmas songs, making cards and Christmas decorations and dressing up as characters from the Nativity story. We have also listened to lots of Christmas stories and talked about what the Elves have been up to at our houses. We can't tell you too much this week because we don't want to spoil the lovely surprise next week.  

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all next week.

Week beginning 30th November

What a busy and exciting week we have had this week. On Monday we found a magic door and some beans in Nursery. They were surrounded in glitter and we wanted to find out who had left them for us, so we wrote lots of messages and left them around the door. At the end of the day we planted the beans in the hope that they would grow. On Tuesday when we arrived at Nursery we found that our beans had grown into trees. We also had a letter that had been left for us. It was from a unicorn whose name is Icicle. We then asked her for some decorations so that we could decorate the tree and she brought us some later in the week. We are hoping that Icicle will visit us again over the next few weeks. 

This week we also discovered a post box left by Santa in our classroom. We have posted our letters to Santa and we hope that he will collect them soon. 

This week we have also learnt about the very first Christmas and about the Nativity story.

Week beginning 23rd November

This week we have been thinking some more about autumn. We have made hedgehog pictures using leaves and painting hedgehogs using forks to make spikes. We have modelled our playdough into animals and added sticks and eyes to give them detail. We have been listening to and identifying sounds in phonics and we have continued to explore patterns in maths. 


On Friday we enjoyed showing each other different ways to use the PE equipment in the hall. We found that we can climb, crawl, slide, jump, step, stride, hop, skip and roll. 

Week beginning 16th November

This week we have had a wonderful time learning about and celebrating Diwali. We have made rangoli patterns using rice, cards and diva lamps. We made our own chapatis which were delicious and we tasted some indian sweets. On Wednesday we had our own Diwali party and we danced in the hall.


As part of our number work this week we have learnt about patterns. We have explored our environment to see where we can find them and we have made our own patterns in our learning. At home you could see what patterns you can see around your house.

Week beginning 9th November

This week we have been learning about Autumn. We have learnt that some animals hibernate in the winter and that in the autumn they collect leaves and twigs to make nests and homes to live in. We have made nests and dens for animals in our tuff tray. We have also used leaves to make tree pictures and explored using autumn colours to paint a range of pictures. 


We have celebrated Children in Need by wearing our pyjamas to school on Friday. We had lots of fun dancing, just like Pudsey did in the story we shared. In the afternoon we had a party to celebrate with those children who had a birthday in September, October and so far in November. We are looking forward to celebrating more birthdays at the end of November. We had lots of fun.

Week beginning 2nd November

We have a wonderful start to our new half term. This week we have been exploring fireworks and learning about Bonfire Night. We have made rockets and sparklers and we have explored making fireworks in the water tray. We learnt about the things we see on Bonfire Night and learnt lots of new words to describe the sight and sound of fireworks. We also made chocolate apples - they were delicious!