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Autumn 2


Week beginning 4th November 2019


This week in English we have been looking at the suffix -ed.

We found lots of examples such as jumped, splashed, climbed, lifted and walked.


We then wrote some descriptive firework sentences using -ed words eg

The fireworks zoomed in the sky!

The rocket whooshed in the air and then exploded with a bang!


We also looked at some Remembrance Day poetry centred around the theme of poppies.

We worked as a class to think what the poppies might have seen and heard on the battlefield in World War 1 eg


Poppy, poppy what do you see?

I see thick mud, mud, mud.

I see men marching, marching, marching.


Homework challenge:- Can you write a poem about your favourite toy?


In Maths we have been using the part, part, whole model to find 2 numbers that  make given totals.

We also used this model to work out the answers to missing number problems such as

5 + ? = 9


Homework challenge:- Find the answers to the following problems


5 + ? = 8

7+ ? = 10

6 + ? = 12

11 + ? = 15

12 + ? = 20


In our IPC sessions we have been looking at toys from the past and finding out how they work. We loved playing with the marbles, spinning tops and yoyo's.


We also looked at the painting 'The Toy Shop' by  Peter Blake.

Then we drew our own Toy Shop windows with toys we would play with, toys our parents  played with and toys our grandparents played with. Then we thought of toys that might be invented in the future such as flying bikes!


Have a lovely weekend.




Week beginning 28th October 2019


This week in English we have been writing facts about Bats and Spiders  linked to 'Halloween'.

We have also been looking at the suffix 'ing'.

We thought of some brilliant sentences such as: -  

Bats like hanging upside down and they like hunting at night.

Spiders are good at climbing walls and they like eating flies.


Homework challenge:- Write some different sentences using the suffix 'ing'


Spellings:- stay






In Maths we have been finding one more and one less than numbers up to 20.

Homework challenge:- Find the answers to the following questions


     1 more than 16 is                     1 more than 20 is                 1 more than 11 is

    1 less than 19 is                      1 less than 15 is                    1 less than 18 is



In our IPC topic afternoons we have been looking at how toys have changed through the ages.  We looked at the kinds of toys our grandparents might have played with, toys our parents might have played with and we brought our own toys into school to show our friends .


We also found out about Diwali- the Hindu festival of light.

We had fun working with our friends in Nursery, Reception and Year 2 on various activities such as making  Diva lamps.

The children are looking forward to sharing their learning with you at the parental engagement sessions on the 6th and 7th of November.


Have a lovely weekend