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Autumn 2

Week beginning 16th December 2019


This week in English we have been writing and illustrating 'The Christmas Story'.

We used lots of time words such as first, next, after that and finally to help us structure the events.

We also remembered to use capital letters for the names of the people in the story, such as Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

The year 1 staff were very impressed with our writing.


In Maths we have been using programmable toys to learn about position and direction. We learnt lots of mathematical vocabulary such as forwards, backwards, left, right, whole turn, half turn and quarter turn.


We really enjoyed our Christmas party day this week!

We played lots of games such as musical statues and pass the parcel and then shared a  buffet lunch.

In the afternoon we had a visit from Father Christmas!


All the Year 1 team would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thank you for all the lovely Christmas gifts  the Year 1 staff received today.

Week beginning 9th December 2019


In English we followed our story plans from last week to write our own fairy tales.

The year one adults were very impressed with our efforts.


In Maths we began some work on time.

We looked at how many hours there are in each day and then put a sequence of events in time order.

We used mathematical vocabulary such as morning, afternoon. evening, midday and midnight.


Our trip to Turton Tower was a great Victorian, magical experience.

We played parlour games, stirred a Christmas pudding and made a wish, decorated a cornucopia and met Father Christmas!


We loved performing our 'Wriggly Nativity' for all our special adults this week.

Thank you for providing such amazing costumes for the children. They looked wonderful.


We ended the week wearing a great selection of Christmas jumpers!

We are definitely feeling festive.


Have a happy weekend.

Week beginning 2nd December 2019


This week in English we have planned stories based on 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.

In Maths we have been learning to find half of an amount or half of a regular shape.

In IPC we brought into school our favourite board games to play with our friends.

Then we were given a challenge to design and make our own board games! This was great fun!

We have also been practising our 'Wriggly Nativity' which we are looking forward to performing for our special grown ups next week.

Have a lovely weekend.


Week beginning 25th November 2019


This week in English we have been investigating a crime scene - The case of the Porridge Thief!

On Monday morning we found three bowls of porridge in the classroom - a large bowl, a middle size bowl and a small bowl. There was no porridge left in the small bowl! Someone had eaten it all. We looked for clues and found a pink bow lying on the floor and saw a girl running away from the scene on the school cameras! This led us to believe the thief might be Goldilocks!

We put up Wanted Posters around the area and later in the week Goldilocks was arrested and put in prison for stealing the porridge.

During our investigations we became excellent at asking questions using words such as - what, where, when, why and who? We also learnt how to write a question mark correctly.

Homework challenge :- Write some questions to ask your friends eg

What is your favourite colour? 


In Maths we have been learning about sharing and grouping.

We will use this knowledge next week in our fraction work.


In the afternoons we have been developing our computer skills and have made some spinning tops in our topic work on Toys.


Have a great weekend.


Week beginning 18th November 2019


In English we have been reading the story 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen.

We  discussed how Kipper was feeling the day before his birthday eg excited, happy, thrilled and delighted.

We then looked at Kipper's efforts to make a birthday cake and attempted to make one of our own using his ingredients. It was great fun, but a bit of a disaster!

After that we discussed how Kipper felt when nobody turned up to his party! - dismayed, disappointed, unhappy and hurt.

Finally we talked about the happy ending to the story when his friends turned up the next day with a beautiful birthday cake!

We really enjoyed reading this book and decided to have our own Year 1 party with decorations and birthday cake!


Homework challenge:- Write a list of foods you would buy for a birthday party.


In Maths we have been looking at repeated addition and multiplication using Cuisenaire  rods.

Please see photos below for some examples of the children's work.


Homework challenge:- Practise counting forwards and backwards in fives.


In our IPC afternoons we have found different ways of sorting toys into two groups.

We thought of hard and soft, rough and smooth, bendy and not bendy, shiny and dull etc


We have also learnt  about algorithms and coding using our computers and ipads.

We had to program a rocket to visit different planets.


Have a great weekend.

Week beginning 11th November 2019


This week in English we have been looking at the story Kipper’s Toy Box by Mick Inkpen.

What a surprise we had when a toy box magically appeared in Year 1 that had been nibbled in the corners!

Inside the box were toys such as Mr. Snake, Red Ball. Brown Bear, Sock Thing, Small Owl and Fred the frog!

We spent some time thinking about good adjectives to describe the toys such as -

Owl is soft and fluffy and he has big, yellow eyes.


We wondered who had made holes in our toy box and then one morning we found Mushroom our school rabbit inside the box!

She had been hungry and so she had nibbled it!

We told Mushroom she must stop nibbling the toy box and we gave her a carrot instead.

Homework challenge:- Write a description of one of your toys


In Maths we have been using our part, part, whole model to work out addition and subtraction calculations.

Homework challenge:- Practise counting in fives up to 100.


In our IPC afternoons we have continued to find out more about how toys have changed over the generations.

We looked carefully at some different toys and then placed them on a timeline.


We have really enjoyed our Children in Need Day.

Thank you for all the money you have generously donated to this Charity.


Have a lovely weekend.


Week beginning 4th November 2019


This week in English we have been looking at the suffix -ed.

We found lots of examples such as jumped, splashed, climbed, lifted and walked.


We then wrote some descriptive firework sentences using -ed words eg

The fireworks zoomed in the sky!

The rocket whooshed in the air and then exploded with a bang!


We also looked at some Remembrance Day poetry centred around the theme of poppies.

We worked as a class to think what the poppies might have seen and heard on the battlefield in World War 1 eg


Poppy, poppy what do you see?

I see thick mud, mud, mud.

I see men marching, marching, marching.


Homework challenge:- Can you write a poem about your favourite toy?


In Maths we have been using the part, part, whole model to find 2 numbers that  make given totals.

We also used this model to work out the answers to missing number problems such as

5 + ? = 9


Homework challenge:- Find the answers to the following problems


5 + ? = 8

7+ ? = 10

6 + ? = 12

11 + ? = 15

12 + ? = 20


In our IPC sessions we have been looking at toys from the past and finding out how they work. We loved playing with the marbles, spinning tops and yoyo's.


We also looked at the painting 'The Toy Shop' by  Peter Blake.

Then we drew our own Toy Shop windows with toys we would play with, toys our parents  played with and toys our grandparents played with. Then we thought of toys that might be invented in the future such as flying bikes!


Have a lovely weekend.




Week beginning 28th October 2019


This week in English we have been writing facts about Bats and Spiders  linked to 'Halloween'.

We have also been looking at the suffix 'ing'.

We thought of some brilliant sentences such as: -  

Bats like hanging upside down and they like hunting at night.

Spiders are good at climbing walls and they like eating flies.


Homework challenge:- Write some different sentences using the suffix 'ing'


Spellings:- stay






In Maths we have been finding one more and one less than numbers up to 20.

Homework challenge:- Find the answers to the following questions


     1 more than 16 is                     1 more than 20 is                 1 more than 11 is

    1 less than 19 is                      1 less than 15 is                    1 less than 18 is



In our IPC topic afternoons we have been looking at how toys have changed through the ages.  We looked at the kinds of toys our grandparents might have played with, toys our parents might have played with and we brought our own toys into school to show our friends .


We also found out about Diwali- the Hindu festival of light.

We had fun working with our friends in Nursery, Reception and Year 2 on various activities such as making  Diva lamps.

The children are looking forward to sharing their learning with you at the parental engagement sessions on the 6th and 7th of November.


Have a lovely weekend