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Autumn 1 - Wonderful Me!

This week has been our 'Harvest Bake'. We made crispy cakes to sell to raise money for the 'Street Life Project' in Kitwe, Zambia.

We had a visit from John who has just been to Zambia to see the children who are helped by the Street Life Project. He showed us pictures of the children in Kitwe and the shelter the charity have built. We tried on some traditional clothes.

We presented John with the money we had raised during our 'Harvest Bake'. Thank you for your generous donations. John was thrilled.

Our topic this half term is 'Wonderful Me!'


This week we have been finding out which countries our food comes from. We looked at our food packaging and found the different countries on Google Earth.

Look at your food at home. Where does your food come from?


We have also been learning the 4 countries of the United Kingdom. Can you help us find them on a map? We want to find out what the capital cities of the 4 countries are too.



We have been busy making crispy cakes for our Harvest Bake. We have been finding out about Harvest and what it means.


In Literacy we have been ordering things alphabetically. At home can you put your dvd collection in alphabetical order?



In Numeracy we have been describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


We are finding out about our senses, our skeletons and how we can keep our bodies healthy.


We have been thinking about how to keep safe this week.

We have been learning the Green Cross Code:

The Green Cross Code

1. First find the safest place to cross

  • If possible, cross the road at: subways, footbridges, traffic islands, zebra, pelican, puffin or toucan crossings, or where there is a crossing point controlled by a police officer, a school crossing patrol or a traffic warden.
  • Otherwise, choose a place where you can see clearly in all directions, and where drivers can see you.
  • Try to avoid crossing between parked cars and on sharp bends or close to the top of a hill. Move to a space where drivers and riders can see you clearly.
  • There should be space to reach the pavement on the other side.

2. Stop just before you get the kerb

  • Do not get too close to the traffic. If there is no pavement, keep back from the edge of the road but make sure you can still see approaching traffic.
  • Give yourself lots of time to have a good look all around.

3. Look all around for traffic and listen

  • Look all around for traffic and listen.
  • Look in every direction.
  • Listen carefully because you can sometimes hear traffic before you can see it.

4. If traffic is coming, let it pass

  • Look all around again and listen.
  • Do not cross until there is a safe gap in the traffic and you are certain that there is plenty of time.
  • Remember, even if traffic is a long way off, it may be approaching very quickly.

5. When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run

  • Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross, in case there is any traffic you did not see, or in case other traffic appears suddenly.
  • Look out for cyclists and motorcyclists travelling between lanes of traffic.
  • Do not cross diagonally.


We have write instructions on 'How to get ready for school in the morning' and making posters on 'How to wash your hands' for our sink areas.





We have been making tasty omelettes this week using ideas we collected last week.

They were very yummy!



We have been on a walk in Bromley Cross. We have been looking at the different features of our local area. We liked the pelican crossing on the main road as it keeps us safe. We did not like the litter on the floor. We think it might be a good idea to have more bins!




We have also designed an omelette and we are looking forward to making our omelette next week using Betty's eggs. Yummy!


We have learning our address, thinking about which are safe to tell if we are lost and we have been mapping our journey to school.


We have been looking at pictures of human skeletons and chicken skeletons. We have discussed the similarities and differences between them.


We have been thinking about people who are special to us and discussing our feelings.


We have been looking at the artist Arcimboldo. He creates face portraits using fruits and vegetables. We created our own.



We are looking forward to a visit from Anne Gunning from the RHS. She will be teaching us how we can use our senses  in our Outdoor classroom.




Our trip to Eureka!

Our trip to Eureka! 1
Our trip to Eureka! 2
Our trip to Eureka! 3
Our trip to Eureka! 4
Our trip to Eureka! 5
Our trip to Eureka! 6
Our trip to Eureka! 7
Our trip to Eureka! 8
Our trip to Eureka! 9
Our trip to Eureka! 10
Our trip to Eureka! 11
Our trip to Eureka! 12
Our trip to Eureka! 13
Our trip to Eureka! 14
Our trip to Eureka! 15
Our trip to Eureka! 16
Our trip to Eureka! 17
Our trip to Eureka! 18
Our trip to Eureka! 19
Our trip to Eureka! 20

In Numeracy time we have been:


Counting, reading and writing numbers to 20.


Finding 1 more and 1 less.


We have just started partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones. (Tens and units)


Can you practice these at home?

In Literacy we have been:


Enjoying reading lots of books, at home and in class.


Talking about the beginning, middle and end of our stories, discussing the setting and the characters.


Can you practice using your letter sounds at home to read and to write a sentence?