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Autumn 1 - Who do we think we are?

Blackberry Picking


We visited our woodland and picked our locally grown, wild blackberries then shared many ideas about the produce we could make. Charlie and Jacob brought in secret jam recipes from home and Rufus told everyone about his uncle who 'forages'. We even managed to squeeze in a tasting session when Charlie's Grandma sent in a jar of locally grown blackberry jam! Yum! This led into research about how to make jam, safety discussions about jam's boiling point and Mrs Tibbitts deciding we should make apple and blackberry crumble! Even more food, our popularity suddenly increased throughout school!




Week Ending 17th October


We made some Rocky Road for our Harvest bake. They look yummy and we cant wait to taste them tonight when we take them home!


Week Ending 10th October


We had lots of jobs to do outside again today!

First, we needed to think about how we could use the old rabbit hutch as a home for the bantams that will be arriving at school soon. They need their own home because they are too small to live in the hen house with the other hens. We decided the best thing to do would be to take the side runs off, then Mrs Richardson and Mrs Tibbitts carried the hutch up to the outdoor classroom.


We have got 6 new chickens so we had a lot of cleaning out to do! We also found 3 eggs!


We programmed the Beebots to travel around a map of the United Kingdom. We had to make sure our instructions were precise!





This week we have had lots of fun making 2D and 3D shapes. We used playdough......



Well done Ollie!

We also made our own 3D shapes using straws and pipe cleaners. It was tricky but lots of us made some fantastic shapes!



Week Ending 26th September


This morning some of us spent time outside looking after our school grounds and our animals. We had lots of jobs to do!

We cleaned out the hen house and made sure Betty had plenty of food and water for the weekend. She must have been very happy because she laid an egg! It was still warm when we picked it up.

We fed the ducks some bread and then cleaned out their house too.

The rhubarb patch needed weeding and digging over - that was hard work!

We also weeded the wild flower garden.

What a busy morning! smiley

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