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Autumn 1

Week beginning 14th October

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about our feelings. We have thought about how we feel inside when we are happy, sad, angry and excited and we explored what our faces look like with these different emotions. We have painted emotion pictures of ourselves and sang songs about being happy, sad, angry and excited.


On Wednesday we explored outdoors and visited the ducks and chickens. We collected autumn leaves and used them for printing and collage. We also picked and collected apples from the apple tree and brought them in to Nursery. On Thursday we used our apples to make apple crumble then we ate it with some custard. It was delicious!


We have had a wonderful half term and we hope that you have a lovely time during the school holidays.

Week beginning 7th October

On Monday we found a suitcase when we arrived in Nursery. We opened the suitcase to find out who it belonged to. Inside we found some clothes, some toiletries and some guide books. We haven't discovered who the bag belongs to but we think they may have been thinking of travelling to Germany, France and Spain. We used our world map to explore where these countries are and thought about how we could travel to them from England.


We have continued our learning this week by thinking about our bodies and parts of our bodies. We have been singing "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes", "The Hokey Cokey" and playing Simon says... We have made Mr Potato Head using vegetables, made collage faces and used toothbrushes to clean teeth.


At home you could play Simon says or sing one of our fun songs.

Week beginning 30th September


What an exciting week! When we arrived in Nursery on Monday morning there were underpants and knickers all over the floor. There were also some aliens that had landed in our Nursery. They had brought us the story Aliens Love Underpants. We really enjoyed sharing the story and then we decorated our own knickers and underpants. We have enjoyed making our own stories in our alien small world and playing a pairs game with our friends. We have had lots of fun singing 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer. This week we have also enjoyed playing with our special people at our stay and play sessions. Thank you to all the adults who were able to join us. We hope you had as much fun as we did.  


This week we have also helped Mrs Clarkson to replant the wellies on the fence. We are looking forward to seeing them grow in the spring.


Have a lovely weekend.



Week beginning 23rd September

This week we have been thinking about our families and our homes. We have talked about the people in our families who are special to us and we have drawn pictures of the people we love. We have also painted pictures of our homes and talked about what our houses look like. In maths we have been making patterns and shapes using lolly sticks and talked about the shapes we created and the colours we used. Outdoors we have had lots of fun splashing in the muddy puddles and playing in our mud kitchen making mud cakes and soup.



Week beginning 16th September

This week we have continued to welcome our new friends in to Nursery. We have also been busy in our school garden. We dug up the potatoes and picked the tomatoes and cucumber. In Nursery we peeled and chopped the potatoes and made potato salad using chives that we also grew in our garden. We shared the food we had harvested with our friends. It was delicious!


At home you could practise finding the hood on your coat to help you hang it on your peg in school.

Week beginning 9th September


We have had a fun week in Nursery while we have been settling in and meeting our new friends and our teachers. We are looking forward to next week when we will have met all of our new friends.