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Autumn 1

Week Beginning 15.10.18

This week has been a very busy final week of the half term! As part of our International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), we have had a special arrival who came to school in a box that said 'P.B' on it. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was inside the box. Some children thought it was a dinosaur or a new pet dog! When we opened it, we found out it was Paddington Bear! We learned about where Paddington Bear came from and he asked if we would look after him in our nursery, so the children have been looking after him every day.


This week we have been doing lots more of our shape learning. We have continued to learn about the properties of some 2D shapes, focusing particularly on circles, triangles, squares and rectangles! We have learned that squares and rectangles both have 4 corners and 4 sides, but squares have sides that are all the same size.


We have also used our shape knowledge to find shapes in our outdoor area. We noticed that the hula hoops were circles and the face of a brick was a rectangle! It can be really tricky noticing shapes around us, can you find any shapes in your house? You could even bring us a picture of them to show to your friends after half term!


We have also been playing monster shape bingo. The children have been amazing at sitting and taking turns during the game. It has really engaged their listening skills to listen for their shapes and find them on the boards. Well done everyone! Click the  link below to listen to our shape song that we have been  learning. The children love it!


Finally, it can be so tricky getting ready to go outside, but all our children have been learning how to put their own coats on and their own shoes on! Watch the video below to watch one of our gorgeous children putting their coats on in our new special way. The children love doing it like this. Over the half term, can you encourage your child to become more independent when getting dressed and putting their coats on?


It has been an amazing half term getting to know our new nursery friends and I am so pleased with how well they have settled in. We have had lots of fun during these first few weeks and I look forward to seeing you all after half term!


Miss Holdsworth and all the nursery team!

The Shapes Song


Still image for this video

Week Beginning 8.10.18

This week we have started to learn about 2D shapes and their properties. We have learned all about circles and triangles! We have had lots of fun learning about these shapes and have even learned a new shape song! Can you find some circles and triangles at home?


The children have loved going outside this week completing their Autumn hunts around our outdoor area. We have looked at the changes in the environments and discussed which colours are autumnal. The children have then completed some Autumn leaf rubbings and paintings using these colours.


The children have also been outside making Autumn potions this week. They have had lots of fun searching for Autumn ingredients outside. They mixed them all together with a few secret ingredients and we watched them get all frothy. We all said "abracadabra" and thought of a magical wish/spell!


Finally, as part of our shapes learning, the children have been making pictures using a variety of 2D shapes. Some of these have been displayed in nursery and you are welcome to come and look at them. Next week we will continue with our shape theme and look at the properties of squares and rectangles.


Have a super weekend!

Week Beginning 1.10.18

Wow, what a busy and super exciting week! We started off the week by feeding the chickens on Monday morning, however there was something magical! We noticed lots of gold sparkles on the steps up to the chickens and when we got there, something had happened. The children checked to see if the chickens had laid any eggs and there was a giant, golden egg. We discussed where the egg had come from and what could be inside it, we came up with lots of different theories from dinosaur eggs, to magic chickens. When we went into assembly on Monday, other classes had found magical items too such as a giant sandwhich, giants clothes and some magic beans. We then read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk as the children began to notice that all the items were from inside the book. 


Throughout the whole week we have split into different groups to take part in lots of exciting activities. We have done some dance and drama whilst learning about the story, we have dug for magic beans and we have used the trim trail to escape from the giant!


This week we have also started to look at our family photos. We have made photo frames together and the children have had some time to talk to us about who is in their photographs and tell us all about their families. It has been lovely to get to know the children and their families even better and we will be continuing to do this next week.


Finally, we have begun our Autumn learning this week. We have done this by reading the story 'Don't Hog the Hedge.' The children have loved this story and we used musical instruments to make the noises of the different animals. We will be recapping this story next week as we continue with our Autumn learning. We have also used conkers to continue practising our slow and careful counting skills and the children are doing so well with this!


As the weather starts to become cooler and we have more rain, the children will be wearing the outdoor suits more and more. Can you practice putting your own trousers, coats and shoes on at home? This will really help your child if they can become as independent as possible when getting dressed. 


See you for another fun filled week!

Miss Holdsworth and all the nursery team.

Week Beginning 24.9.18

This week has been a very busy and very fun week. We have been doing lots of fun learning about colours. We have been sorting coloured spaghetti and coloured orbeez into the right coloured pots. We have also been threading different coloured pom poms onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets. It has been lots of fun.


We have done lots of Maths this week, having fun counting up to 10 objects. We have been doing this using a tens frame! The children have done really well putting their objects into their tens frame and counting them carefully and slowly. We did lots of counting outside, using chalks to draw our tens frames on the floor and count different coloured objects. Can you practice counting up to 10 objects at home?


Today was a huge success, with lots of parents/carers attending the MacMillan coffee morning. All the children who attended nursery today got to have their very own cake! They were delicious and we enjoyed having a mini picnic in our classroom.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another fun week of learning next week!

Week Beginning 17.9.18

This week we have continued to meet lots more of our new nursery friends and have welcomed them into our Eagley family. We have had lots of fun meeting everyone and we hope you have too!


We have had lots of circle times this week where we have sang songs and learned each others names. This has helped the children to get to know each other and it has been lovely to watch new friendships grow and develop. The children have loved exploring our nursery and learning through their play. We are very proud of every single child and how well they have settled in and adjusted to nursery routines. Well done everyone!


This week we have done some amazing counting as we have been counting how many name cards are on the tens grids every day. This is a lovely way to develop our counting skills and the children are trying so hard!


We are still practising to get our own coats and pants on in order to explore outside! At home we would love you to encourage your child to become independent when getting dressed, putting their own pants, shoes and coats on independently. 


If you would like any guidance on how to toilet train your child. There is some excellent guidance on the NHS website, you can access this on the link below.


Thank you for all your support during these exciting first few weeks of school.

Miss Holdsworth and Miss Bowker

Week Beginning 10.9.18

Wow! What a busy and exciting week we have had in nursery. We have met lots and lots of our gorgeous new nursery friends and we have had a lot of fun! We would like to take this time to welcome you to the Eagley family as this is a very exciting time for both you and your child.


This week we have been busy getting to know each other, playing, and most of all, having fun! We have also started painting pictures of ourselves, looking in a mirror and thinking about the features on our faces, it has been lots of fun. Our paintings will be displayed in nursery as your child completes their painting. You are welcome to have a look when you drop off/pick up your child.


The children have been fantastic at choosing what they want for their lunch, carrying their trays and using their cutlery to eat it all. Well done everyone!


As we go outside lots as part of our learning in nursery, we often wear our waterproof suit pants and coats. The children have tried really hard this week getting themselves ready and we are really impressed. To help your child with this experience, you could practice putting pants, coats and shoes on at home, encouraging your child to become as independent as possible. 


Next week we look forward to welcoming the rest of our new nursery friends to play with us and we hope they have lots of fun too! Below are some pictures of our fun this week. Have a fabulous weekend and we will see you  next week! 


Miss Holdsworth, Miss Bowker and the Nursery team.

Week Beginning 3.9.18

This week we have loved meeting all of our new nursery friends and their super parents and carers! We have had lots of fun playing in the nursery during our stay and play sessions and it has been lovely to meet you all. 


Over the next two weeks, each child has their own individual start date and start time. This is to help us ensure that every child is settled on their first day and make this exciting transition as smooth as possible. We understand that bringing your child to a new nursery can be a little bit daunting for both yourself and your child. We want to assure you that we will look after your precious children and will do all that we can to make the transition as easy as possible. 


Coming to Nursery is an exciting time and whilst your child is here they will do lots of outdoor learning! With this in mind, please can I remind you that your child should bring a pair of wellies to nursery with their name inside on their first day. These wellies will then stay in nursery to be used throughout the year. Nursery provide outdoor waterproof pants and jackets.


Being at nursery is thirsty work and it is important for your child to stay hydrated. Please bring a water bottle for your child each day. They can keep this on our shelf to drink as and when they please. 


Thank you for all of your support already during this exciting new year! I am confident we will have lots of fun.


Miss Holdsworth, Miss Bowker and all the nursery team!