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Autumn 1

Week beginning 18th October

This week we have enjoyed lots of spooky activities. We have practised our fine motor control making Halloween necklaces and bracelets and we have explored what pumpkins are like inside and described them using lots of new words such as gooey, squidgy, slimy and squishy. We have removed the seeds from inside the pumpkins and counted them as we took them out. In our sand tray we have been hiding spiders and we have made potions using worms, spiders and eye balls in our water tray. As part of our learning we have thought about how people celebrate Halloween, listened to Halloween stories and sang 'In the Hairy Scary Castle'.


On Wednesday we had a wonderful time at our Halloween party. We loved dressing up in our costumes and we played lots of fun games including rescue the spiders and donut bobbing. It was also one of our friends birthdays and we played pass the parcel and enjoyed sharing birthday cake.  


Have a wonderful Half Term holiday everyone. We can't wait to see you all on the 1st November. 

Week beginning 11th October

Well, what a busy and exciting week! 

This week we have been busy learning about Harvest. We learnt that farmers use tractors and combine harvesters to harvest some of their crops and we explored which crops are hand picked and which ones are picked by machine. We have been thinking about people who are less fortunate than ourselves and have been learning about charity. We have enjoyed baking chocolate muffins as part of our school 'Harvest Bake' to raise money for charity. Thank you for your contributions. 


In other learning this week we have been exploring the feelings 'happy' and 'sad' and we have thought about what our faces and bodies look like when we are expressing these emotions. In our circle times we have talked about what makes us happy and sad and about how we can help each other to feel better when we are feeling sad. 


In our continuous provision this week we have been using autumn leaves to make pictures and have used a magnifying glass to explore conkers and their shells, pine cones and different leaves. We have also enjoyed practising our fine motor control by using knives and forks to cut fruit. 


Well done children. You have worked very hard this week and have enjoyed a super week of learning. Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Week beginning 4th October

This week we have been learning about autumn. We have been exploring our outdoor environment and we have noticed that the leaves on most of the trees are changing colour from green to brown, orange, red and yellow. We have also noticed that on some trees the leaves have stayed green and learnt that they are evergreens. We have listened to a story about a little acorn that grew into a big oak tree. 


In our activities we have been doing paintings of trees, leaf rubbings and making pinecones, conkers, carrots and other autumnal things out of play dough. 


We are looking forward to more exciting activities next week.


Have a lovely weekend! 

Week beginning 27th September

This week in Nursery we have had lots of fun playing in our outdoor area. We have been learning how to prepare ourselves for outdoor learning, putting our suits and wellies on independently and learning how to turn them the right way when we take them off. We have enjoyed the changes in the weather and we have loved splashing in the mud and creating recipes in the mud kitchen. As part of our learning this week we have been listening to stories and practising our listening skills by taking part in circle times and playing listening games. 

Week beginning 20th September


During the last two weeks we have been settling into Nursery. We have been exploring our indoor and outdoor learning spaces and learning how to use our toys and equipment. We have been making friends with each other and learning each others names. We are going to have lots of fun in Nursery!