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Autumn 1

Week Beginning 18th October 2021

This week we have has lots of spooky fun in Reception! We have been developing the muscles in our hands and our fine motor skills by making spiders in the playdough as well as using giant tweezers to count out pumpkin seeds! We have also been using scissors to cut out shapes in black paper and stick them onto our pumpkins to make pumpkin faces! Using scissors independently and safely is an important skill! If you have child safe scissors at home, you could practice cutting skills at home too!


In phonics we have learned the letter 'g' and 'o' this week. Altogether we now know the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o. We are working really hard to sound out and blend CVC words. You can support your child with their phonics and reading skills over half term through some of the following fun activities!


1. Can you practice reading and writing CVC words made up of the letters we have learned? You could sound out words such as dog, tap, map, dot, nip etc... 


2. You could watch alphablocks on BBC Iplayer! Series 2, episode 1-5 supports children with the sounds we have learned so far!



3. You could visit Education City website and login with the following details:

Username: ReceptionEagley

Password: infant

Click on the 'homework' button and then click on 'phonics.' There are phonics learning screens and activities that can be completed at home!


But above all else, please have a half term filled with fun, happiness and lots of rest for a busy second half term together soon!


In Maths, we have been busy learning all about number 4. We discovered that number 4 is an even number because it can be shared into 2 equal groups of 2! We also practised making 4 lots of different ways using a part-part whole model. We discovered that number 4 is made up of 4+0, 3+1, 2+2, 1+3 and 0+4!


In the afternoons we have been busy too! We have looked at the difference between a fiction and non-fiction book! We looked at 'Spinderella', a story all about a spider, as well as a non-fiction book about spiders. We discussed the differences between the two books and noticed that a non-fiction book contained real images, whilst a fiction book had cartoon illustrations. We also discovered that non-fiction books have a contents page!


We have also been taking part in music lessons, using instruments to make different spooky sounds as we learned a new song all about Halloween! The children had lots of fun learning this song and playing instruments.


Finally, we had an amazing halloween disco on Wednesday this week and the effort everybody went to for their costumes was fantastic! We hope you have all had an amazing first half term in Reception. We have loved every minute of getting to know your little treasures! See you all on Monday 1st November!


Week Beginning 11th October 2021

This week we have been busy in phonics learning all about the letters 'd' and 'm.' We practised forming these letters correctly, finding objects with the same initial sounds such as d for dinosaur, dragon, duck and dive! Can you use the rhymes to practise forming these letters with your child? 

We have started our Literacy topic this week based all around a book called 'Think Big!' The children started the week by finding a crime scene outside the classroom where there was a wall and a cracked egg! The children became detectives, looking for clues to find out what happened. Next we looked at the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' and discovered he was the cracked egg in our crime scene! The children loved learning about rhyming words in the rhyme and we even created our own rhyming versions of Humpty Dumpty... some of them went like this...


Humpty Dumty sat in a tree,

Humpty Dumpty bumped his knee...


Humpty Dumpty sat on a rock,

Humpty Dumpty looked at the clock....


The children found making these new rhymes lots of fun! Can you make any more rhyming versions of Humpty Dumpty at home?


In Maths, we have been learning all about number 3! We have practised writing number 3, counting 3 objects, subitising amounts (recognising small amounts without needing to count) and we have even learned the different ways we can make 3 such as 0+3, 2+1, 1+2 and 3+0. Finally, we ended the week by learning that number 3 is an odd number because it cannot be shared equally!


In the afternoons we have been very busy! We have been making gingerbread men for our Harvest Bake. We even listened to the story 'The Gingerbread Man' before we started baking.


We have also been learning about hibernation, what this means and the different animals that hibernate for the winter. We then worked in small teams to build our own hibernation homes outside using the large construction items and den building materials. We had to work closely with our friends to build these homes and it opened up lots of positive communication between each other! 


Finally, we have been learning about people that help us in the community. We thought carefully about the people that helped Humpty Dumpty in the story 'Think Big' such as the paramedics that took him to hospital, the nurses and doctors that treated him, and the police that solved the crime! We discussed other jobs of people in our community and discussed who else helps us!


Please remind any families you may know that are looking for a school next year to attend our open day tomorrow, Saturday 16th October from 10am until 1pm.


Have a great weekend!

Week Beginning 4th October 2021

Wow, what another busy and fun filled week in Reception. Firstly, thank you to all the families for attending our wonderful phonics sessions this week! The children loved showing you what they have been learning and we hope you enjoyed seeing the amazing progress your children have made in such a short amount of time!


In phonics this week we have learned the sounds 'i' and 'n.' This means that altogether we have learned the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n. Each of your children have their very own keyrings with all of the sounds we have learned so far and you might want to practise recognising and writing these sounds at home with the correct letter formation! You might have also noticed that your child has brought home their first ever reading book! This is very exciting and it is really important that you spend time encouraging your child to use lots of story language and expression as they create their own stories to their new books. As your child learns new sounds and becomes confident to segment and blend sounds to read words, their books will change to ones with short words and phrases in.


In Maths, we have loved learning all about number 1 and number 2! We have learned how to write and recognise these numbers as well as all about their value. We also introduced the symbols + and =. We used these as we learned that 1+1=2. I wonder if you can practice writing number 2 at home?


In the afternoons we have been very busy! We have been learning all about Autumn, the signs of Autumn and have even been on an Autumn hunt around our school grounds. We looked at our class tree and observed the changes, then came back inside to create observational paintings of our tree, carefully painting the branches and choosing appropriate colours for the Autumnal leaves. This week we have also planted broad beans and are keeping these in our classroom to care for until they germinate.


In our PSED lessons, we have read the story 'Rainbow Fish.' We had a discussion all about Rainbow Fish and how he treated his friends. We discussed what qualities make a good friend and used words such as kind, thoughtful, helpful and sharing. We each created our own special fish that will be displayed in the school hall!


Below you will see our flyer for open day on Saturday 16th October. Please spread the word and invite any families you know of that may be looking for a school for their child.


Have an amazing weekend everybody!

Week beginning 27th September 2021

Wow! What a busy week we have had in Reception! We have been busy beginning our phonics lessons and have learned 4 letters! The 4 letters we have learned are s,a,t,p. Your child has practised learning the letter sound as well as how to write it! Below are the rhymes for each letter so that you can support your child with the correct letter formation at home as we learn them! You may have also noticed that your child has a phonics key ring in their reading packet. This is so that you can practise recognising the sounds we have learned at home as well as practise writing them! With our new letters, we worked really hard to read words at, as, sat, tap!

**Please return your child's phonics keyring to their reading packet each day. It is needed in school so that we are able to add new letter sounds as we learn them!

This week we have also been busy harvesting some vegetables from our school grounds! The children loved harvesting our potatoes, onions and leeks! After harvesting them, we worked really hard to peel, chop and boil them to make a delicious soup. We tried the soup and it was delicious! Well done everyone!


At home this week - Can you practise forming the letters that we have learned?

Week Beginning 20th September 2021

We have had another fun filled week of learning and playing in our new classroom! We have read lots of stories about settling into our new classroom and discussed how feeling nervous and unsure is perfectly OK! We have done lots of circle times and sang songs to learn our new friends names in our classes. 


This week we have been doing lots of outdoor learning too. We have been wearing our waterproof suits and wellies for outdoor learning fun! As part of our outdoor learning, we have explored all of our school grounds, visiting the different animals and the children really enjoyed this.


We still have lots of children who don't have wellies in school yet, please can you ensure your child has some wellies in school as soon as possible.

Week Beginning 13th September

What an amazing and fun filled week we have had together in Reception!

We have loved getting to know each other, learning lots of our new friends names and the new adults names. We have also been exploring our new classroom environment, playing with small world toys, exploring the painting and junk modelling area, and even using the trim trail and climbing frame outside. 


Each day we have been taking part in a 'dough disco'! This involves making our hands dance in our playdough to build the muscles in our fingers ready to become super writers! Building the muscles in our hands and encouraging our fine motor skills is a really great way to prepare our hands for writing. Next week we will be doing lots of threading to encourage great fine motor skills!


We look forward to welcoming lots of parents next week to our welcome meeting. This is on Tuesday 21st Septmeber at 2:45pm. 


Please can you ensure your child has a pair of wellies in school for next week. This is really important for our outdoor learning, especially as the weather turns cooler and wetter.


We look forward to another week of fun, play and learning!