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Autumn 1

Week beginning 19th October 2020


In English this week we have been learning about verbs, particularly 'ing' verbs.

We have been using this knowledge to write about Autumn eg


The leaves are twirling, swirling and floating to the ground.

Hedgehogs are snuffling in the grass looking for juicy slugs.


In Maths we have been adding two 2-digit numbers in written form eg


35                 62

24                 1 9

__                __

59                 81



We are learning that sometimes we need to carry a ten when working out some calculations. This can be quite tricky!


In Science we have been finding out about different habitats such as deserts, rainforests, oceans, woodland and ponds.

We have been looking at the kinds of animals and plants that live there and why they are suited to such habitats.


What fun we had on Thursday looking at all the entries for the pumpkin competition across school. Your exhibits were brilliant, inventive and made the staff very scared!!!


Reading homework

Please find below another example of the phonics screening test that your child will take next term.

This will give you an idea of the kinds of words your child should be able to decode.

Half of the words are 'real' and half of the words are 'made up.'


Wishing you all a happy holiday.

There are some free phonic games to play with your child on the website below.

Week beginning 12th October


This week in English we have been learning to use the conjunctions 'and', 'but' and 'or' to connect two sentences together.

eg  Crocodiles can live in fresh water or they can live in salt water.

Crocodiles have very sharp teeth but they are gentle with their babies.

Homework challenge- Write some sentences about a different animal using the conjunctions 'and', 'but' and 'or'.


In Maths we have been adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers together.

We have been looking for patterns in calculations to help us work out the answers

Homework challenge  11+1=    11+2=    11+3=    11+4=   11+5=   11+6=

                                          20-5=   20-6=   20-7=   20-8=  20-9=  20-10=


In Science we have been looking at micro-habitats.

We went up on the banking at school and studied the creatures that lived in the shade of the trees, under fallen logs, in the grass and in the soil by the fence.

We found lots of mini beasts such as woodlice, worms, slugs, snails, beetles and ants.

We noticed that most creatures were under the logs because it was damp, shady and quiet and they were well hidden from predators!


Thank you to all the  parents who have encouraged their children to go on the Reading Eggs website this week.

Staff have been amazed at the progress your children have made in such a short time! The children are so proud of the number of books they have read, lessons completed, driving tests passed and certificates earned. There is a real buzz in Year 2 each day as the children share their learning journeys with each other.


Next week we will be exploring the season of Autumn.


Have a lovely weekend

Mini-beast Hunt!

Week beginning 5th October 2020.


This week in English we have continued to look at the story of 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl.

We learnt how to use question marks correctly.

We thought of questions we might ask the crocodile such as

Why do you like eating children?

How many children have you eaten?

What are your clever plans and secret tricks? etc

We then learnt how to use exclamation marks correctly.

We thought of things that the crocodile boasted about-

I am a mean, nasty and greedy crocodile!

I love to hear their bones go crunch!


In Maths we developed our skills of adding and subtracting 1 up to 100.

As we got more confident we then practised adding and subtracting 10 up to 100.

At first we used practical tens and ones apparatus and hundred squares to work out the answers. Then we progressed to drawing our own tens and ones to work out given calculations.

Maths Homework-

9+1                         16-1                        23+10                         11-10

16+1                       20-1                        40+10                         34-10

37+1                       53-1                        58+10                         76-10

89+1                       87-1                        75+10                         80-10      


In topic we have been developing our drawing skills.

We looked very carefully at a collection of shells and then made some observational drawings of them concentrating on size, colour, pattern and texture.


Reading homework

Please find below an example of the phonics screening test that your child will take next term.

This will give you an idea of the kinds of words your child should be able to decode. Half of the words are 'real' and half of the words are 'made up.'

All the words are checking the sounds that your child can recognise.

Your child needs to be able segment and then blend the words eg

sh-e-d      shed

Please have a go with your child over the next few days.


Also do have a look at the Reading Eggs website and log on with the password that has been stuck in your child's reading diary. The whole of Year 1 are so excited to begin their challenges and staff can't wait to follow their progress.


Have a great weekend.

Week beginning 28th September 2020


This week in English we have been reading the story of The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl.

We have also been finding out about nouns, adjectives and commas.

We wrote some super sentences about the characters in the story such as -

The mean, nasty crocodile was creeping through the hot jungle.


English homework challenge- Write some descriptive sentences about your toys  eg

My soft, fluffy teddy bear is sitting on my bed.


In Maths we have been exploring number fact families eg

7+3=10            70+30=100

3+7=10            30+70=100

10-3=7            100-30=70

10-7=3            100-70=30


Maths homework challenge-

Complete the following questions

4 + 5 = ?           40 + 50 = ?

5 + ? = 9           50 +  ?  = 90 

9 - ? = 5           90 - 50 = ?

9 - 4 = ?           90 -  ?  = 50


In Topic we have been finding out about living and non living things. 


We have also had fun making handprint crocodiles!


Please continue to support your child with their reading at home and practise their sounds daily. The Phonics screening test that should have been done in Year 1 will now take place in the second part of the Autumn term.  Thank you.


The Reading Eggs login details will be stuck in your child's diary next week.   


If you wish to contact Miss Brown or Mr Proctor, our email addresses are below-


Have a great weekend.


Week beginning 21st September 2020


This week in English we have been writing celebration poems. 

We shared all the wonderful things that we can now do by ourselves such as ride a bike, climb a tree, roller skate or play a game of football.  

Later in the week we discussed all the acts of kindness that we have seen during 'lock down' such as doctors and nurses  and the NHS caring for poorly people and neighbours helping each other with shopping. We realised that we have also been kind to each other in school by frequently washing our hands, putting our tissues in the bin, keeping in our bubbles and following the one way system! 


In Maths we have continued to develop our understanding of place value using tens and ones apparatus and tens frames.

We have learnt to split numbers in different ways eg

54= 50+4  or  40+14  or  34+20  etc


In Topic we have been finding out about the World's  5 oceans and the creatures that live there.


Have a lovely weekend.


Week beginning 14th September 2020


Welcome back to school everyone.

We have had a very busy week in Year 2!

In our English lessons we have been exploring our outdoor areas and then writing poems about our experiences using adjectives eg

Wet grass under my feet 

Fluffy clouds floating by

Crunchy leaves on the ground  

We have tried really hard with our letter formation, remembering to use our 'leads' so that we will be able to join our handwriting later in the year!


In Maths we have been counting, reading and writing numbers to 100.

We have also been consolidating our understanding of place value eg

69 = 6 tens and 9 ones

75 = 70 and 5

1 ten and 3 ones =13


In our Topic lessons we have been learning about the 7 continents of the world.

We have found out about some of the physical and human features of each of these continents and the kinds of animals that live there.


Please continue to practise your sounds using the cards sent home before lockdown.

Your child will be tested on these later in the Autumn term. Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend.