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Autumn 1

Week Beginning 16.11.20

This week we have been busy learning about number 6 in our maths lessons! We have looked at the value of number 6 and used part, part, whole models to split number 6 into different groups and different amounts. We learned all about different ways to make 6 and looked at the meaning of the + and = symbols. We have also looked at a dice and how each number from 1-6 is represented on a dice. We are beginning to encourage our children to subitise (recognise quantities without counting) quantities on a dice. You could play board games with your child at home, this would encourage your children to recognise amounts on a dice and become familiar with this representation of number.


In phonics we have been very busy writing CVC words. We are really working hard to hear all the sounds in a word, sound it out and write it down. It can be quite tricky to break a word apart and listen for each sound, but we are doing so well! Can you write any CVC words at home? You might want to help your special grown ups to write their shopping list with items scuh as 'ham', 'jam', 'egg' and 'bun.'


In topic we have been doing some learning around ourselves, how different we all are, and how all of us have different talents and skills. We have loved gaining some self-confidence this week, sharing with our friends something that we think we're really good at. Some children said that they thought they were super swimmers, some children said they thought they were super writers and some said they were amazing at writing their names! No matter what, we all have a special skill regardless of how different we are. Well done everyone!


Have a lovely weekend, stay positive and keep smiling!

Week Beginning 9.11.20

What a busy week it has been! This week we have enjoyed learning our new sounds in phonics. We have learned the sounds h,b,f,ff this week. We discussed that the 'ff' sound usually comes at the end of a word! We practised sounding out and reading lots of new words with our new letter sounds and old letter sounds in such as 'huff' and 'bug.' Can you use your phonics cards at home to practise making short words?


In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns. We have learned to complete a simple ABAB pattern as well so more complex patterns such as AABAAB and ABCABC. The children were super at recognising the pattern and completing it! Next we looked at spotting a mistake in a pattern... this was tricky but we are now amazing pattern checkers! Well done everyone!


Our topic learning this week has been about the festival of Diwali. We have learned who celebrated Diwali and why. We learned about the different ways that Diwali is celebrated by learning about Rangoli patterns, Diya lamps and lanterns. 


On Friday we loved coming to school in our pyjamas! We read a story about Pudsey Bear and learned all about why it was so important to wear our pyjamas and help others in need.


Have a happy weekend!

Week Beginning 2.11.20

Welcome back from a well deserved half term break! We have had a wonderful week beginning our new topic 'Twinkle twinkle little star.' This half term we will be exploring what a star is.... a performer as well as in space! We therefore have 2 new role plays in our classrooms for your child to explore, a stage and a space role play!


In phonics we have recapped all of our sounds that have previously learned as well as learned some new ones! This week we have learned the sounds e,u,r,ck. We have attached these new sounds onto your child's phonics keyring so that you can practice recognising these at home.

A key part of phonics is blending sounds together, it will really help your child if you can use your keyring at home to make CVC words such as rat, run, get etc... 


In Maths we have learned all about 2D shapes. We have learned that 2D shapes are flat shapes and that shapes are all around us in our environment. We learned all about properties of shapes such as how many sides and corners they have and we learned that circles have only one curved side! The children have also loved using shapes to make their own rocket pictures. 


Have a happy weekend!

Week Beginning 19.10.20

What a busy half term we have had! May we start by thanking you all for your hard work supporting school and your child start Reception during these difficult times! The children have settled in brilliantly and worked incredibly hard!


In phonics we have learned 4 new sounds, g,o,c,k. This week we have sent home some phonics cards with all the sounds your child has learned so far in phonics. Over half term it would be really helpful for your child if you could practice recognising and writing these letter sounds. Please encourage your child to form the letters correctly using the rhymes they have learned in class. 

Another useful way to support your child with their reading journey at home is to access the Reading Eggs website. This can be done on an iPad/tablet or a laptop/computer. Your child's login can be found at the front of their reading diary, you can access the website via

In Maths we have learned all about number 5! The children can now recognise numbers 1-5 and know all about their value and different ways of making them. We have been practising having quick recall of 1 more and 1 less than given numbers and we are becoming really confident! Well done everyone!


Finally, in topic we have continued our Autumn learning, discussing hibernating animals and changes in the weather. We have loved exploring outside and talking about the changes to the weather.


Have a happy half term everybody, see you in a week!

Week beginning 12.10.10

What a busy week of learning and having fun! In phonics we focused on the 8 sounds that we have previously learned. Our sounds so far are s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d. Please keep practising forming and recognising these sounds at home.


In Maths we have been learning all about number 4! We have continued to focus on comparing amounts using the greater than and less than signs < >, as well as using lots of different mathematical language. We have also looked at addition this week, using the part part whole model to look at different ways of making number 4. We learned that we can have groups of 1 and 3, as well as two groups of 2 to make 4! We explored what the addition symbol (+) and equals symbol (=) meant. We loved learning that 'equal' is another word for 'the same as.'


In topic we have done lots of Autumn learning this week. We have had lots of discussions about seasons, what they are and how they change throughout the year. We looked at lots of the changes that happen in Autumn and even went outside on an Autumn hunt! We found lots of leaves that had changed colour and fallen on the ground and we noticed that it is starting to become a lot cooler outside. We have then become artisits and have been creating Autumn paintings using cotton wool buds and selecting Autumn colours to paint an Autumn tree picture!

Week beginning 5.10.20

This week we have loved learning 4 new sounds in phonics. Our sounds this week are i,n,m and d. Please look at the pictures below and practise forming the letters using the rhymes that we have been learning. 

We have now learned 8 letter sounds altogether s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d and using these sounds there are lots of CVC words that you can create such as pat, pin, map, sit etc... Can you practice making words using our new letter sounds? Next week we won't be learning new sounds, we will continue to practise, recognising, writing and making words using these 8 sounds.

As we are beginning to read and develop our communication and language skills, your child is now bringing home a book every Tuesday and Friday. In addition to this, can we please ask that you look at the front of your child's reading diary where you will find their 'Reading Eggs' personal login. Your child can access this on a tablet or computer at home to support their phonics learning in school.


In Maths this week we have learned about number 3. We now have a solid understanding of numbers 1,2,3 and  have therefore begun comparing these numbers using language such as "greater than" and "less than." The children have also been introduced to the greater than and less than symbols < >. When you go for a walk or to the shops this weekend, see if you can spot and recognise any numbers in the environment around you! They could be on cars or doors or even price tags!


Finally, we have loved exploring our continuous provision this week, we have been making models, building towers and comparing their lengths, developing our fine motor skills and practising our cutting skills with scissors!


Have a happy weekend everyone! :)

Week beginning 28.9.20

This week has been a busy week of learning and fun. We have enjoyed beginning our maths and phonics lessons this week!


In phonics we have been learning the letters s,a,t,p. We have been learning to recognise and write these letters, always forming them correctly! We then made some simple CVC words using these letters such as tap, sat and pat. We tried really hard to read each letter sound, for example "t-a-p" and then listen carefully to blend the sounds and hear which words we can read.


You can support your child at home by looking at the pictures below and practising recognising and writing these sounds using the rhyme at the bottom of each picture. A key part of learning to read and write is to hear initial sounds in words. Can you find any objects around your house that begin with the letters s,a,t or p? Have fun!

This week your child has brought home a reading book with their new reading diary. Your child's book doesn't contain any words at the moment, this is to support your child with their communication and language skills. There are ideas at the front of the books sent home and we would encourage you to read with your child and encourage as much new vocabulary as possible, making up a story using the pictures and using lots of story language together.

Please write messages in your child's reading diary explaining what you have spoken about and read about in their book.

Please return your child's reading packet with their book and diary every Tuesday and Friday to receive a new book.

In maths we learn about a particular number every few days or even every week. We do this because we follow a mastery curriculum, therefore we learn all about the value of a number and how it is used in every day life. We also learn how to use lots of different maths equipment and resources that will help us as we move through school.

This week we have learned all about number 1. We have learned that number 1 can be seen and shown in lots of different ways. We learned about number 1 as the word 'one' and we learned about 1 pence coins and their value. Next we looked at how to use a tens frame to help us organise our counting and even looked at one more and one less than 1. We learned that if we add one more we get 2 and if we have one less than 1 we get 0. 


Next we moved on to learning about number 2 and we will continue some of our number 2 learning into next week. We learned about number 2 and the value of the number, including a 2 pence coin. We will move on to learning about addition within number 2 next week!


Finally, a key part of learning in early years is through play! This week we have loved playing outside in our wellies, digging for worms and exploring our natural world! We have also loved playing in our space small world area, making up stories and learning new vocabulary. I wonder what fun we will have next week!


Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe!

Week beginning 21.9.20

We have had a fun week this week continuing to explore and getting to know each other. This week we loved doing a playdough disco every day to build up the muscles in our hands! We hope that this will make us super writers.


This week, we had our first ever PE lesson, this was lots of fun and we loved doing star jumps and playing games with Mr Connelly! 


We have been discussing the change in weather this week and learned about how the season has changed from Summer to Autumn! Each day we fill out our calendar together and this has been a great way to learn about days of the week and months of the year.


Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our Reception families for their support over the past few weeks. We hope your child has enjoyed starting their Eagley journey in Reception and we can't wait for more fun next week! 


Have a safe and happy weekend smiley

Week beginning 14.09.20

Wow, what a fun-filled week of making new friends and exploring! This week we welcomed the rest of our Reception family to school for the first time and what a week of excitement it has been!


This week we have all explored our new classroom and met all of our new friends. We have loved getting to know each other. This week, everyone has had a go at painting or drawing a special self-portrait and they look amazing! We have also enjoyed showing our new teachers how amazing we are at writing our names. We are over the moon with how hard everyone tried.


When we have been exploring outside, we found lots of apples that had fallen from our apple trees. We loved picking them all up, washing them and bringing them inside. On Friday, some children helped Mrs Ward to make apple crumble! On Friday afternoon we tasted it, and it was delicious!


We can't wait to have lots more fun next week and continue to get to know our new friends and new learning environment! As the weather begins to change next week, may we please ask that all children have a pair of wellies and a waterproof outdoor suit that can be kept in school for our outdoor learning? 


Thank you all for your support in settling your children into their new school routine during these unusual times, they have all been amazing! smiley

Our first week in Reception!

What a week of fun, excitement and amazing new friends! This week we loved welcoming everybody to school for a Reception taster session on Monday and Tuesday. We loved getting to know everyone and having lots of fun. On Wednesday, we enjoyed meeting each of our new families at the chat wheel meetings. We have officially started our Eagley journey together!


On Thursday, we welcomed some of our new Reception class to start school and we can't wait to meet the rest of you on Monday! We played with all of our new toys and learned all about our new school day and routine, but most importantly, we made friends and had fun! You were all wonderful and did some super learning through play.


Have a fabulous weekend, we can't wait for Monday to have our first week together as a full Reception class... how exciting! laugh